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New blog template

Nowt to do with me, this is the engine room doing its stuff. Not settled down as yet I think…..

13 thoughts on “New blog template”

  1. @The Meissen Bison – “It would be nice if links were to open a new tab.”

    Middle-click, or ctrl-click, or right click and choose “open in new tab”. Or on phone/tablet long click and choose “open in new tab”.

  2. Nowt to do with me

    All to do with you. Your blog, your monkey in engine room

    Tim’s blog and his published articles are read around world. Many will be on Linux, W2000, XP etc. Internet is meant to be for all, not just rich

  3. Pcar, I may have dressed it in a joke but I really was accessing the blog on IE / Win7. Mostly because (despite its other horrors) I like the IE user interace.

    It’s fair enough that updated websites shouldn’t bother with legacy “apps” but I note the Daily Mail still does.
    Very popular, the Daily Mail.

  4. @PJF

    Agree, stick with what you like

    Yes, DM good for legacy, even W98. One reason it’s popular worldwide

    Blogs are text sites, no reason to exclude readers by ‘modernising’ when modern features are not required. Security? It’s a blog not a bank. Nothing worth hacking

    If it works don’t fix it

    Keep It Simple Stupid

  5. A thought – personally, I’m finding the heavy black lines separating the comments somewhat distracting, as they tend to drag my eyes away from the text.

    Set them to 30% grey or something?

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