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Nice line

“Sometimes,” Isaacson observes, “great innovators are risk-seeking man-children who resist potty training.”

That’s also exactly what gets lost when the entire world is feminised.

2 thoughts on “Nice line”

  1. At my primary school all the teachers were women bar the Principal. At Secondary all the teachers I had were men except for Geography (she was awfully good), Religious Knowledge (she was Welsh), and, fleetingly, Biology.

    We called one maths teacher Black Jake: you can probably guess his temperament. Feminised he was not.

    (I should explain he was dubh not Black à l’Americain.)

  2. Musk is a “s—poster”: someone who revels in comic nihilism and winding up the pious. But what happens when a s—oster considers the whole world to be his playground? That’s all very well, but a s—poster shouldn’t have the whole world for his playground.

    Because the Pious, of course, will brook no competition in their attempt to have the whole world as their playground, on their terms, according to their dogma..

    Musk is, indeed, a shitposter. The amount of Salt he generates doing that alone, just showing the Pious the field where he groweth his Fuccan is, verily, empty, is a regular source of entertainment.
    Love or hate the guy… his fingerflipping is magnificent and much-needed.

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