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Novo Integrated Sciences

This is just glorious. Advance fee fraud is pretty common out there. 419s and all that. But it’s damned rare to have a company announce to the stock market that it’s taking part in one. Even rarer for the stock to rise 80% when it does so. But Novo Integrated Sciences:

Novo Integrated Sciences (NASDAQ: NVOS) shares are up 80% of the biggest load of nonsense you’re likely to see on a stock market. This is entirely ludicrous. They’ve been taken in – well, at least we hope they’ve been taken in – by what looks very like an advanced fee fraud. Believe us, there is no such thing as a “Master Collateral Transfer Agreement”. Well, not outside the fevered imaginations of the more fervid conmen there isn’t.

This is simply outrageous: “Novo Integrated Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVOS) (the “Company” or “Novo”), today announced Novo and Blacksheep Trust have signed a One Billion Dollar Master Collateral Transfer Agreement (the “Master Agreement”) for the purpose and general use of monetization by Novo for a period of up to 15 years. The One Billion Dollar collateral transfer is expected to occur in one or more transactions during the current fiscal quarter following the validation and authentication by third-party audit procedures.

Jesus wept that’s bad.

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  1. lol. Who the hell lends $1bn to a tiny company unless they keep absolute control of it? In which case why borrow it?

    Seems as legit as you suggest.

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