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Observe the screeching u-turn

On the subject of lowering the age of voting:

Young Americans strongly prefer Donald Trump to Joe Biden in the 2024 election, a poll has found, amid persistent concerns over the US president’s age.

Mr Trump, 77, leads Mr Biden, 80, among voters under the age of 35 by 20 points in the latest poll by the Washington Post and ABC News.

For being young doesn’t mean being left wing at all. It means poissing off the ‘rents. Being, you know, edgy and radical….

17 thoughts on “Observe the screeching u-turn”

  1. But Joe Biden is the most popular US president of all time. We know this, because they’re arresting his political opponents.

  2. That Washington Post poll is very out of allignment with other polls, ostensibly in the opposite direction of its editorial stance. That the billionaire-subsidised, deep state-associated paper would publish an outlier poll that trashes the sitting Dem president indicates that they don’t want him sitting there past early Jan ’25.

    It seems they’ve failed to persuade Biden to jump so it’s a question of how he’s pushed.

  3. “it’s a question of how he’s pushed.”

    They’ll assassinate him and blame Trump. Or, at least, that will be under active consideration.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset


    I’m not sure they want him resigning, unless they’ve solved the Harris problem. It was an open secret she’d been promised the top job is she stood with Biden.

    ISTM that it would be better for the Dem establishment for him to run again with Harris but then have Newsome step in and demand primaries. That way Newsome gets to pick his own VP and if Harris throws her hat in the ring she’s toast.

  5. Now…. I know the Geriatric Squad currently has the ropes in the US, but…

    18-35 as “Young Americans” ?

    That’s almost like a certain Sociology ( yes…. I know…) paper/thesis redefining “Youth” to include everyone up to the age of 47 years, 6 months……
    And yes… it got ridiculed and was silently retracted later.. And no-one ever got an answer to the question “why so specific?”.

    Also: poll results can mean anything you want/need to with the right questions.

  6. My standard comment. Voting Rights are Adult Rights. If you can take out a bank loan, sit on a jury, be shot at by Gooks in Vietnam, purchase alcohol, and serve in an adult prison, then you can vote. And no screaming “wahh!!!! I was too young to know”. Sorry, you demanded to be an adult, you are an adult.

  7. I’m not sure they want him resigning . . .

    I say again, I don’t think they want him going, they just don’t want him standing for reelection in 2024. That’s their easiest route to a viable candidate (who can chose their own running mate).

  8. Also: poll results can mean anything you want/need to with the right questions.

    Indeed, and I think this “poll” was designed to say to Biden, “you’re gonna lose to Trump, mate; so see out your term and hand the baton to someone else.”

    Trouble for them is, as well as deluded vanity Biden probably feels he needs to stay in to keep his son out of jail (himself too). I would expect the Dems to lean in on that.

  9. Steve

    I told Wikipedia to f&£k off when they asked for money in no small part due to their insistence that claims of electoral fraud are ‘baseless’ – it might have been The Bill Sticker Alternative (via Longrider) who pointed out the sheer number of ‘Red Flags’ that evening would ordinarily in any scenario forced a rerun but instead it was pronounced ‘the most robust election ever’ and those who questioned it have been either silenced or are beginning to be jailed. I don’t think Trump stands an earthly in 2024 as they have this down to a Fine Art now.

  10. @PJF – “I don’t think they want Biden gone now – they just don’t want him to stand again.”

    Well in that case, fetch the comfy chair.

  11. VP – Donald Trump may be the last man on Earth who doesn’t know they’re never going to let Donald Trump win another election.

    Not that it really matters, because elections don’t change anything.

  12. I reckon it depends on what deal they offer him that will protect Hunter and stop the investigation looking into how involved Joe was himself.
    A lifetime in politics like Bidens means even if cognitively challenged he’s still working on decades of instinct when it comes to protecting himself and his family

  13. Also, one way to look at Trump is as a metaphorical political hand grenade thrown at the ruling classes. And in that respect, the more they persecute him and show they do NOT want him as POTUS again, the more his popularity grows. This reflects the deep disgust with which most Americans regard their political class, and one has to say deservedly so.

    As for the 2020 election, yes, I’ve done a fair bit of audit, forensic and other, work in my time, and there were/are enough red flags that really demand investigation to decorate a ship the size of the original Queen Elizabeth. With one of the most obvious ones being the absolute insistence that it was “the most secure election evah”.

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