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Ooooh, yes, this works!

Hunt urged to copy Danish benefit system to boost job switching
Move would help tackle Britain’s productivity crisis, says a new report

Bring. It. On.

Nope, great benefits. High ratio to pay. Lots of training. All run by hte communes (who also raise the taxes for it). A commune can be a small as 10k people. This is local taxes for local folk.

Also, after two years, you get nowt. Zip. Two years is long enough to retrain to do summat. So that’s your lot.

6 thoughts on “Ooooh, yes, this works!”

  1. Some US states have a lifetime allowance for unemployment. Labour participation is high and nearly nobody goes over the limit (3 years or so). Almost as if they saw unemployment as bank savings.

  2. Dennis, Inconveniently Noting Reality

    And just how long would it take Britain to gut it and turn it into a national bureaucracy that, in the final analysis, only provides employment opportunities for bureaucrats?

    The last thing both the Tories and Labour want is a local program that actually works. Such programs stunt the growth of the bureaucracies they can control.

  3. How long do Danish slackers have to remain in a job for before they inadvertently become unemployed and straight back onto the 2 year gravy train?

  4. Dennis, INR: “…the bureaucracies they can control”.

    Would that that were the case but our bureaucracies are now largely autonomous of elected politicians. To some degree we have our 40-year membership of the EU to thank for this which changed the previous order of things. Policies were largely promulgated from Brussels and implemented by officials with politicians having a largely decorative function.

  5. So would it cover those sacked for disciplinary reasons? Friend of mine is a shift manager at a big warehouse. Has a constant stream of ne’er-do-wells sent his way by the dole office, none of whom want to work, but are forced to take jobs on pain of having their benefits cut. None of them last long. Some just quit, disappear never to be seen again, most end up being sacked for disciplinary reasons – repeated failures to turn up to work, turning up drunk or on drugs, assaulting other workers, stealing, failure to follow H&S rules etc etc.

    Any new benefit reform would have to have the balls to tell such people they either work or get f*ck all, otherwise it’ll just continue the same merry-go-round of free money they inhabit today.

  6. I mentioned a few weeks ago that the Danish had tightened up their benefits system, to the point that asylum seekers who, we are told constantly, are only in the West to ‘escape war, violent oppression and brutality’, were returning to Germany to escape war, violent oppression and brutality because the benefits were better.

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