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‘On the Internet, Nobody Knows Your a Dog:’ The Web’s Most Iconic Cartoon Is for Sale.

I mean it’s written out for them, right there, in the caption of the cartoon they publish.

12 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. Jimmers: it is old. I first saw it in the 90s. I’m not sure whether it was before or after the horde of AOL newbies came online.

  2. If anyone really can’t be bothered to click on the article… the cartoon dates to 1993. I would rate it as pretty well known, it’s definitely been widely shared, but not everyone inhabits the same online spaces so I don’t think you’d need to have been hiding under a rock not to have seen it. Particularly anyone on here who’s under the age of … 40? 50? It was internet-famous in the 90s which means it’s going to predate the young’uns.

  3. It has occured to me that there might be a market for a homophone dictionary. It only contains those words that have soundalike words with different meanings and spellings. Each word is then grouped together with its alternative words along with their definitions. We could send a link to its page on Amazon to any offenders such as the one above.

  4. Their loadsa peeps on ere that cant andle apostrophe’s an difference tween there and they’r, innit. Theve got smartfones.
    onest, dahling, i’m on the train, not inth’pub.

  5. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    You know what it is as a professional writer.

    Timelines, always “challenging”, are just completely fucking impossible nowadays.

    All you can do is bash out something that is barely fit for purpose while advising your customers they are doing themselves no favours. And they still have the gall to complain.

    BiFR in Lisbon.

  6. I’ve never seen that cartoon, and to add context I went on a New York internet users pub craw in 1994 (small enough to know most people’s name). So yes, it certainly wasn’t iconic at the time.

  7. So yes, it certainly wasn’t iconic at the time.

    The Mona Lisa wasn’t iconic at the time.

    You going to argue that it isn’t iconic now?

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