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‘S’not privatised, is it?

Sewage-filled sea leaves swimmer, 22, fighting for her life
Caitlin Edwards ‘looked like she was going to die’ after contracting E.coli from waters near Pembrokeshire’s Amroth Beach

10 thoughts on “‘S’not privatised, is it?”

  1. Are we certain that’s where it came from and not from a “dodgy lettuce leaf” (2016), “hard cheese in a grated format. Strawberries, cucumbers, peppers, and watermelon have also been mentioned” (2023), Steak Pie / cooked meats (1996), milk (1995), I could go on………

  2. “Signs were placed on the beach to warn people not to swim at the time..”

    Yet the two women “were not aware of them”….

    Signs on the Seaside are for Other People. Cause of 95% of problems on any coast..

  3. This always annoys me. You do not contract Eschericia Coli, you already have millions of the little buggers doing the Lords work digesting food in your lower intestine. O level biology stuff, or at least it used to be.

    Only a tiny number of strains can cause food poisoning. But it’s so much more fun for the telegraph, the bbc and even the nhs who really should know better to clutch their pearls and put the fear of God into people.

    E.coli is a bit like CO2. Our betters love to slag it off but just try living without it.

  4. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    And there is a super nasty version that will make short work of your kidneys, unless you are carrying it and essentially immune, but capable of shitting large quantities of it out.

    Having spent more time than necessary researching drains in the last year, due to a particularly bizarre neighbourhood dispute, isn’t this one of the things that is basically inevitable from time to time?

    What you do have to do is ensure the runoff, or wastewater that has to be discharged because coastal pumping stations have failed, gets discharged a very long way from the beach, and is taken out to sea by currents.

  5. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    There was a “environmental scientist” featured on one if those holiday disaster programs recently who had been to a beach not far from me (Huttoft)

    The horror story was they were swimming and got covered in raw sewerage, the kids got I’ll, blaa blaa, it’s a disgrace, lots of talking heads spouting nonsense about sewage outflows.
    Except, it wasn’t sewage, it was algae, and to the best of my knowledge there isn’t an outflow near there (nearest being Clee or Skegvegas).

    Yet still the story persists, including on St Fergals twitter account.

  6. BBC has swiftly followed up with a report (“one we prepaed earlier”) about three privatised water companies *alleged* to have discharged raw sewage to suggest that it’s all the fault of privatisation!

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