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So Guardian

Thatcher didn’t care that Buthelezi inflicted mass bloodshed on South Africa, but we mustn’t forget
Chris McGreal

Thatcher’s been dead years, out of office for decades. She still lives rent free in heads.

And to really Guardian it, think of twisting it a bit. Jezza didn’t care that Chavez impoverished tens of millions, but we mustn’t forget…..etc with whatever leftie you like. Because of course none of them care about Buthulezi, or Zulus, or S Africa, at all – he was against St Nelson and the commies, therefore he must be abjured.

11 thoughts on “So Guardian”

  1. Chris McGreal was a Guardian correspondent in South Africa during the transition from apartheid to democracy

    What a fascinating way to describe the complete destruction of a society.

  2. My mum did the photographs of Buthelezi’s first wedding. A fitting reply to Tom Sharpe doing Tim’s baby pictures, eh?

  3. Can’t better the sentiment of Steve’s first post but what I can say categorically is that I can only surmise that Chris Mcgreal was a paid agent of the USSR – to overlook the mass of documented crimes by the ANC over decades and focus on Inkatha reveals that. Truly a shocking piece although it confirms the extent of Soviet penetration into the Guardian ranks throughout the Thatcher era.

    As for your sentiment Tim, in fairness had someone removed the source of a hefty second income and destroyed my fantasies of being able to send thousands of my political opponents to forced Labour camps, I’d be hacked off as well. So you can understand why his hatred of Thatcher lingers on.

  4. McGreal missed the significance of Buthelezi refusing independence of KwaZulu was the thwarting of apartheid’s Bantustan project, and that he did this while remaining on good terms with Oliver Tambo, then head of the ANC in exile.

  5. McGreal appears to be arguing that terrorism is ok if it supports his objectives, but wicked if it opposes them.

    cf. “terrorist” vs. “freedom fighter”

    (apologies to Mr in Spain for using Latin abbreviations there…)

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    The left really can’t get their heads round the fact that Thatcher was widely praised on all sides for helping to bring a peaceful end to apartheid and it was going to come to an end, one way or another as de Klerk acknowledged in his autobiography.

    Amazingly, there’s a campaign to implement apartheid in this country and they’re not condemned as Nazis by the left.

  7. BB: that seems to be coming back. We used to have the Angry Brigade, Baader-meinhof, Brigate Rosso, etc in the 70s, and now we’ve got Just Stop Oil & other assorted loonies heading that way. There’s even going to be a TV programme here next week with prize Eco-Prat Chris Packham suggesting the JSO law-breaking is justified in pursuit of their goals.

  8. We used to have the Angry Brigade, Baader-meinhof, Brigate Rosso, etc in the 70s, and now we’ve got Just Stop Oil & other assorted loonies heading that way.

    It does seem to be a lesson the “right”will never learn. These groups were active in the period when the left gained its foothold across society. They didn’t do it a bit of harm. Quite the opposite. They were the threat if the more moderate left wasn’t placated.
    To roll back the left now would take a revolution. So learn from the revolutionaries. The combination of the democratic with the extra-democratic was fundamental Marxist thinking.

  9. TG: you have a point. The one I find most entertaining is the screams when people who are illegally trying to enter your country die because you don’t rescue them.

    One can only imagine the howls if people just drove over the idiots who have glued themselves to the road.

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