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So, how big will his rebate be?

Lots of folk have been very keen to confiscate assets of budies of Putin. Hey, maybe that’s even the right answer. Tho’ I tend to think that nicking the property of someone just because you don’t like them is a dangerous path for society to start going down. Beause if they take the powers to nik their cash they’ll use, inevitably, those powers to nick our.


The European Union’s highest court has ruled to lift sanctions on Russia’s top technology executive, marking the first time it has revoked measures against a business figure penalised over the invasion of Ukraine.

Wednesday’s landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) came almost a year and a half after Alexander Shulgin, the former chief executive of Russia’s e-commerce giant Ozon, was sanctioned by the EU over his alleged links to Vladimir Putin.

So how much does he get in compo then?

4 thoughts on “So, how big will his rebate be?”

  1. This practice of stealing the property and assets of someone you don’t like is the behaviour of a third world dictatorship. Like those in Africa, South America, The United States and obviously, us.

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Here in the Reich, a gentleman was prosecuted for buying a CD from Russia, privately, on Ebay. Because it violated sanctions. Customs seized his contraband an ‘all.

    So presumably this Russian guy will need special exemption to do any kind of business. Seeing as he won’t be allowed to even bring one CD from his collection into Europe, if we are to treat people as equals.

  3. The key driver of the growth of BRICS is the weaponisation of the financial system.

    Carry on confiscating. It only hastens the demise of the petrodollar

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