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So, what is it?

He just said the most famous Hitler phrase there is in this world,” Zverev told the umpire of a fan in the stands to his left.

What? Drive East? They don’t actually tell us what was said…..

17 thoughts on “So, what is it?”

  1. A hairy bloke in a dress is not a woman?

    The dinghy scientists should go back to France?

    The climate is fine as it is thanks

  2. It would seem the bloke chanted “Deutschland über Alles”.

    Which is… well… not really tied to the Nazis to begin with…

  3. If it really were something along the lines of Invade Poland, I can see why Zverev, as the son of Russian parents would be so touchy. After all, that’s something his ancestors attempted without success in 1920; and again in 1939; before finally succeeding in 1945, and then getting driven out again.

  4. “I hate smoking” “Serve me no sausages” “Bugger the Vienna College of Art” “Our ally, Comrade Stalin”

  5. “Everyone who bought a PS5 please leave the room” according to some subtitles I saw.

    Or “ok eva. I’ll make an honest woman of you now”.

  6. Bloke in the Fourth Reich


    Which due to a grammatical unfortunality doesn’t actually mean what English schoolboys (and everyone else) think it does.

  7. It’s true, Bi4R, that it doesn’t mean “Germany over everyone”, but on the other hand, the rest of the (now forbidden) first verse of the Deutschlandlied goes on to say that the German boundaries should extend “from the Maas to the Memel; from the Etsch to the Belt”, taking in substantial chunks of Holland, Poland and Italy, so you can see why those from eastern Europe might not want to join in too lustily.

    Of course, when it was written (1841) there was no such thing as ‘Germany’, and it was simply a call for unity of German speakers, though I doubt many Dutch would classify themselves as such.

  8. I was going to be a Smarty, before I see Chris got there before me.

    Is there a new generation of Godwin’s law perhaps, that says that anyone mocking that lot will end up quoting Mel Brooks?

  9. Interesting, so doesn’t mean Germany above everything/all (above all else in the world), but means “German unity above factionalism”. Natürlich.

  10. Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be set
    God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet

    Rather sums up the mindset of invading cross-channel floaters of a certain religion.

  11. Er, the western limit of Germany even today is the Maas river bed. Ie the flat bit is the Netherlands and as soon as it starts getting hilly, it’s Germany. The Etsch or Adige was a border river between Austria and whatever polity ruled the Po valley. And the duchy of Schleswig extends to the Little Belt.

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