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Some people, really

The west is right to offer Morocco help – but disaster-hit countries are not obliged to accept it
Peter Beaumont
Morocco is dealing with the earthquake on its own terms, and the criticism it has faced has been tinged with a white saviour mentality

Because obsessing about the latest eleite virtue signalling fad is much more impportant than digging people out of the rubble of collapsed buildings.


6 thoughts on “Some people, really”

  1. Seen rather a lot of Moroccans this summer. Almost every other shiny expensive car seemed to have Moroccan plates on it. That’s without the ones who have flown in & hired. Maybe they think they’re a fully fledged developed nation & not the third-world shit-hole I was driving through, not so long ago. Let’s be honest. There’s more than a few European countries with the same illusion. Not wanting to point fingers, of course.

  2. Did anyone manage to find Peter Beaumont’s point in all that drivel? And just by the way, Peter, the problem with the response to Karina was at the state and city level, where both mayor and governor made a series of incredibly stupid decisions. One of those decisions (by the governor) included not calling for federal aid on a timely basis, which (like international aid) cannot be imposed, but must be requested and accepted.
    Fatuous twat – the Graun deserves him.

  3. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Where in North Africa is worth visiting, as a first timer, if not Morocco?

    Tunis? Algiers? Benghazi??

  4. Disagree with moqifen.
    Mrs 77 and I went to Morocco for our first relatively expensive holiday when Brown made “real” interest rate on savings negative and enjoyed it, our tour guide was excellent, friendly helpful, fluent English, and the people we met outside Marrakesh all seemed nice. Marrakesh generally OK – I’m just a bit wary in big cities.

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