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Sounds reasonable enough

Bolton in uproar over proposed name change for university
Vice-chancellor accused of chasing international students with proposed ‘Greater Manchester’ rebrand

At least it’s not Al-Ahzar University West…..

9 thoughts on “Sounds reasonable enough”

  1. Have you ever wondered why everything in this country is fucked?

    Prof George Holmes, the university’s vice-chancellor, has previously faced criticism for claiming that vice-chancellors don’t earn enough, despite owning a Bentley and sailing a 30-foot yacht.

    We’re in the wrong business.

  2. The university is primarily situated on an urban campus between Deane Road and Derby Street in Bolton. There are two halls of residence, although the university intends to relocate all services on to a single site in the centre of Bolton. There is an academic centre in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

    Don’t be so sure about Al Azhar Uni.

    Incidentally the VC trousers a healthy £332k annually – over £50 per student. Nice work if you can get it.

  3. “Incidentally the VC trousers a healthy £332k annually”

    In my undergraduate days our VC held a Nobel Prize in physics.

    Times change and people boast of other things.

  4. He’s not complaining about not earning enough, he’s complaining about not being paid enough. If he wants to earn more, the solution is simple: do more.

  5. The guy who cuts my hair rather wittily calls his business “Ak-Barber.” So when his buddies shout it as they bump someone off, it’s actually the punchline of a joke.

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