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That’s pretty good

Discovery of 8.7m-year-old ape rewrites story of humanity

I thought literacy was newer than that….

4 thoughts on “That’s pretty good”

  1. So we all originated in Europe.

    So all those foreigners who come here from other continents are wicked colonialist usurpers then? Of course all those horrid foreigners’d probably say that this proves that we’re still just apes, and not worth bothering about.

  2. It’s not clear to me why a fossil found in the Asian part of Turkey suggests that great^n- grandmama lived in Europe.

  3. @Dennis Oh, the actual science is pretty much settled, as far as archeological evidence and the modern DNA detective work shows. Quite a lot of it not fancy bones, but stone tools, or even trash from stone tool making.

    The genus Homo, with all its branches originated in Africa, specifically the southeastern end.
    From there we jumped into the Wider World through the arabian peninsula several times as the environment allowed. In fact, each and every subspecies of “us” did. Homo Erectus actually got pretty nearly everywhere it could walk.

    This one …. given the “gorilla-like” characteristics…. could well be one of the ancestors or branches of the current gorillas. Hard to tell, because the fossil record for the great apes is abysmal, them having evolved into specialised jungle dwellers. And jungles are not exactly a good place for fossil creation..
    Maybe this one gives enough sensible DNA to state anything that may make sense, but upsetting the Out of Africa hypothesis? Nope… Not even close..

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