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The Glorious NHS, Wonder of the World it is

The NHS Trust had asked the court to approve a palliative care plan for Sudiksha, meaning that she would no longer receive dialysis and would die from kidney failure within a few days. The trust believed that her apparent refusal or inability to accept that her disease will result in her early, if not imminent, death amounted to a “delusion” and therefore she is incapable of making decisions for herself.

The proof that you are mad and should therefore die is that you wish to keep living.

Fuck ’em

19 thoughts on “The Glorious NHS, Wonder of the World it is”

  1. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    If you can be refused dialysis, FFS, on the grounds that you’re going to die of what you habe anyway that’s some hundreds of thousands of kidney failure patients we have to kill now.

    Just imagine how many “refugees” we can accommodate, feed, and provide with pocket money for holidays back to the country they fled with the medical bills and pensions we will save!

  2. The trust believed that her apparent refusal or inability to accept that her disease will result in her early, if not imminent, death amounted to a “delusion” and therefore she is incapable of making decisions for herself.

    How soviet.

  3. <b The court of protection heard Thirumalesh – who could “communicate reasonably well” with her doctors – wanted to travel to North America for a potential clinical trial described as “experimental”.

    Judges were told she was a “fighter” and that she had told a psychiatrist: “This is my wish. I want to die trying to live. We have to try everything"

    The NHS really hates it when people they’ve decided are going to die try to live.

  4. Maybe if she’d been allowed to try crowd funding she might have made to the US for that experimental treatment.

    A pity she couldn’t give it a go.

  5. Bogan, even if she had the money we know the bastards would apply for an injunction to prevent her leaving the country …..

  6. I can see the point of saying “no” when parents demand that millions of the taxpayer’s pounds be spent on a poor, doomed mite. But what the hell is the point of deliberately killing an intellectually competent young woman who has passed the age of majority when the alternative was that she fly off to America to die at someone else’s expense?

    Why isn’t this murder?

  7. She was 19, an adult. Why didn’t she just go “fuck the courts” and go public via social media and those high profile bloggers who support free speech? If she was effectively being held prisoner by the hospital somebody should be going to jail.

  8. However, last month a Court of Protection judge said that she lacked the capacity to make decisions about her treatment amid reporting restrictions preventing Sudiksha, her family and the NHS Trust and medics treating her, from being identified.
    . . .
    Her doctors said that they would not stop a transfer to North America if she were to be accepted for a clinical trial. However, her family claimed that the reporting restrictions prevented them from going public and fundraising to make the £1.5 million needed to make the journey.

    Ah, it seems to me we’re being to narrow selecting heads-on-pikes.
    The judiciary are a massive problem in the west.

    We have never been out for revenge . . .


  9. PJF @ 1.48, to bastardise a rather famous quote….’Well they would say that wouldn’t they’.

    It is obvious that this poor person is not compos mentis, for they contemplate going abroad to access health care in the profit driven capitalist hellhole that is the Great Satan. Why, when they can have treatment (or not, depending on the prejudices of the presiding Judge today) from the free, best anywhere, always at the top of ‘access to services’ (but bottom of ‘healthcare outcomes’), envy of the world (yet strangely, no one has copied – although perhaps possibly, Brazil), OUR NHS?

  10. I don’t know much about her condition, but if she was compus and her parents were capable, why didn’t they pull her out and take her to the states? Then try and raise the money from there where they are beyond the grasping, killer tentacles of the NHS? Fuck, I’d have donated to this young lady and I’m not easy to part from my hard earned.
    A sad story and just further proof that the murderous twats infesting the NHS are literally out to kill us.
    At least Shipman did it for his own gain. These fuckers think they’re doing it to help us.

  11. Problem is, Chernyy, you have to have dialysis regularly. If they’d pulled her out and then tried to raise the money, she would have died in the meantime. Rock and a hard place for the parents. Their best option would have been to try the crowd funding route regardless of the rules and tell the NHS “fuck you, we’ll see you in court” while the wrangling over treatment was still going on.

    I’m like you, I don’t donate to a lot of things but in this case? Wouldn’t have even had to think about it.

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