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The Guardian and numbers

Without investment of roughly £80m a year until 2035, the continent could lose out on as much as £4.8tn of economic benefits within the next decade, according to research by the Global Center on Adaptation (GCA).

That much, eh? £80 million? If we have a whip round for it will they promise to then shut up and fuck off?

“No country should be forced to choose between eradicating poverty, building climate resilience and honouring its debts, but right now that is what is happening,” said the former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, now chair of the GCA.

Err, yes, actually, it should. Because that’s what governance is, trade offs and priorities.

12 thoughts on “The Guardian and numbers”

  1. I’ve no idea how it’s possible to read the Graun without getting a rupture and a double hernia from laughing…

  2. Because that’s what governance is, trade offs and priorities

    And given that we’re talking about Africa these trade-offs and priorities do probably not include eradicating poverty, building climate resilience and honouring its debts.

  3. £80m? That’s a tiny fraction of the cash trousered by African despots in an average year. It would barely cover the widow Mugabe’s shopping bills.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Rim das of Musk’s retort that the he could afford to solve glob poverty: send me the plan and I’ll implement it.

    He’s still waiting.

  5. Climate adaptation finance to Africa must increase tenfold, research shows

    You need to spend trillions of pounds so people with plates through their lips can have shittier electricity so Mother Earth won’t be angry at us.

    It’s Science™!

  6. I was pleased to see the heathen Chinese ‘loaned’ Zimbabwe sufficient money to build some new coal burning electricity generators. This isn’t enough to produce all the power they need, but it has solved some of their problems.

    And it hasn’t cost us a penny.

  7. And when I read the Guardian article ( yes, really!!), I was happy to note the dying livestock, the abysmal living standards, and the general increase of poverty.

    The Africans have already achieved exactly what the climate heroes have been calling for in our countries for decades.

  8. Mate of mine in the village used to do work in Africa (on the back of various government grants). They’d go out to really remote villages and install a small PV array with battery backup, a fridge, and then string LED lights around the huts. The kids could read at night without burning candles or whatever, and vaccines and other medical stuff could be kept cool.

    An all round Good Thing, and cost peanuts – but no kickbacks for The Big Guy. Of course, Africans could just as easily do this sort of thing for themselves.

  9. ‘Investment’ has become a magic ritual – Invest and wonders will unfold. Even the accompanying rites of diversity and inclusion are an investment.

  10. ” said the former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, now chair of the GCA.”

    I would bet the corrupt fooker has the better part of 80 million he could donate – that’s one year right there and a good example to set for other people to follow.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Rim das ”

    “Reminds me “ obviously.

    Which reminds me not to comment when I’m just about to rush out.

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