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This is all entirely true

One of Britain’s top private girls’ schools has said that gender is a “spectrum” and pupils can have “lots of different” identities.

Benenden School in Kent, the boarding school formerly attended by the Princess Royal, includes the contested theory of gender in its equality, diversity and inclusion policy for pupils.

The policy states that while “some people may identify as a boy or a girl”, others “may find neither of these terms feel right for them and identify as neither or somewhere in the middle”.

Gender is a spectrum.

It’s sex that isn’t.

10 thoughts on “This is all entirely true”

  1. I did some work at Benenden around the turn of the century and consider it to have been a pretty weird place even then.

    The eponymous sauce is rather nice.

  2. Gender is a spectrum

    Is that a spectrum with two very distinct spikes and very little outside that isn’t some form of mental issue or psychological kiddy manipulation?

  3. PF is right: the spectrum in question looks like twin peaks. Some poor sods are born into the canyon in between.

  4. Gender is a spectrum is meaningless bullshit, or cowshit, whichever you prefer. A bloke in a dress is a transvestite, not a demi-female.

  5. Gender as a spectrum. It’s all a social construct. As popularised by kiddie fidler and all round wierd guy John Money.
    Do people supporting this idea know about It’s origins?

  6. Sounds like a load of people enabling twaddle to me.

    Outside of foreign languages, there’s no such thing as gender.

    Although even then, I struggle to find a table in possession of a penis (excluding those sat around said table, obviously)

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