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California set to give green light to Dutch-style cannabis cafés
Campaigners hope that the new law will help businesses in the struggling marijuana industry to fight back against the black market

You cannot, of course, smoke a cigarette in a bar…..

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  1. We do have legalised weed on the NHS, but it’s a pain in the arse getting a prescription and actually buying the stuff through legal channels is expensive and you get shitty product.

    Or you can just buy it from a green fingered friend of a friend. Drugs won the war on drugs.

  2. Errrmmm… You can’t smoke your spliff in a dutch Coffeeshop… That lovely Eu smoking ban…

    You also can’t consume anything within 100 meters from the shop in most places, because of NIMBY’s and most councils have banned *any* cannabis use in The public Space..

    So best you can do is pick stuff up at a Coffeeshop, and smoke it at home. Legally..

    I know Clogland still has the Reputation, but when it comes to legality and rules we’ve regressed and are actually more strict on the stuff than, say Belgium and Germany. Or even the US in a lot of places.

    Not that much of it is enforced, or even prosecuted, but you can and do run into the Jobsworths and Prodnoses that like to pick on the Little Guys and Soft Targets.

  3. I always find I’m in two minds about weed. I don’t really agree with the principle of anything being illegal. On the other hand, it isn’t the drug, it’s the assholes who use it I want to see banned. There is little that is worse than being anywhere around smokers of cannabis. But it’s the same with charlie. Coca’s all right. It’s coke-heads!
    Fundamentally, it’s the same as alcohol. A little is pleasurable & a fine social lubricant. But who needs piss heads & alkies? But at least with alcohol we have social etiquettes around when & how much. The illegality of drugs has meant there’s never been an opportunity to develop etiquettes around them. So users don’t feel constrained.

  4. Look to Chinada for just how much better the dope industry is now it’s run by the government.
    Higher prices, lower quality and still a thriving black market.

    Politicians will continue suggesting (mandating) their insane / uneducated / well it should work in theory, solutions to our problems until the people wake up (oh God, if only woke really meant what it is supposed to mean), open their eyes and actually acknowledge the shitshow that has been wrought upon us by those politicians. And send in the lions. With lasers (flamethrowers are so yesterday…..)

  5. @Grikath
    Interesting. I remember taking a canal tour boat around Amsterdam a few years ago and encountering clouds of the stuff emanating from people sitting on the sides of the canals. It was fun trying to explain what that smell was to my preteen children.

  6. bis is right.
    Drugs turn you into a crashing bore. Cannabis is the most bore inducing, but not by much. When I’m late meeting my friends and they’r already on their third pint I’m baffled by the laughter approving the dullest remark.
    But then sometime after six o’clock I start becoming a bore myself, so I’d better stop posting.

  7. Philip – yes, but imagine how boring social events would be without intoxicants.

    I’ve sat through family weddings sober before, so I know what suffering is.

    I also have to say, I enjoyed working a lot more when you used to be able to take your clients to the strip club, get famously wankered, and put it on expenses. Being able to hold your drink used to be an essential business skill, now sadly (mostly) obsolete.

    Come to think of it, didn’t our ancestors establish a globe-spanning Empire while drunk? And did not Our Lord himself enjoy a glass of excise-free wine? Continence is splendid, but maybe there’s something to this aqua vitae lark.

    Chin chin.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    Completely OT – Question for Grikath.

    Someone on my motorhome owners’ group has heard that credit cards aren’t widely taken in the Netherlands, is that the case or has it changed like Germany since the pandemic?

  9. @BiND Ummm.. Yeah… not many places that accept the classic credit card.
    Mostly hotels and restaurants that still do, but outside the big cities/ real touristy places… not so much.
    Credit cards are really a business thing over here, and us Common People ordinarily don’t have one. We have debit cards.

    But basically, if your card is suited for ATM’s/electronic payments and has the Maestro/Mastercard logo on it, it should work anywhere, since it’ll be treated like a debit card for all practical purposes.

    VISA is still viable/recognised in a lot of places, and definitely works in ATM’s.
    American Express… really only useful for getting cash out of ATM’s .
    And there’s always the GWK money exchanges attached to the larger train stations if all else fails.

  10. Steve,

    You can still do booze and strippers with work but you have to avoid the sort of large corporations that know they’ll get bad PR. Or which have been infested with parasites like power skirts and whiny bureaucrats.

    Manufacturing companies are like how big companies used to be. They’re like kryptonite to feminists and people with dopey degrees. The women in them are more useful and more fun.

  11. Being able to hold your drink used to be an essential business skill, now sadly (mostly) obsolete.

    This is still the case in Asia, especially in Korea, where business is largely conducted while smashed.

  12. @Steve… ISTR reading somewhere that the standard Royal Navy “Grog ration” for ordinary seamen in Nelson’s time equated to approximately 28 units… Per Day! 🙂

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