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Umm, well, yes….

Mr Scobie’s focus on the Prince of Wales is unlikely to be favourable. He has positioned himself as one of the Sussexes’ biggest cheerleaders in recent years and it is well known that Prince Harry and his brother have not spoken for many months.

Harry described in his memoir how his relationship with the Waleses fell apart over Meghan, a dispute that prompted a physical fight at his Kensington Palace home.

He claimed that William called his wife “difficult”, “rude” and “abrasive”, and warned him that the relationship was moving too fast.

That’s one up for the perceptiveness of Oor Wullie then, no?

6 thoughts on “Umm, well, yes….”

  1. I think anyone who comes into close contact with Her (not)Royal Wokeness will very rapidly come to the same conclusion. Hell, we’ve all never met her and we’ve worked it out.

  2. If she has one achievement it may be that she’s less obnoxious than Richard Murphy – but then given that’s true of Kim Jong un it’s probably not the greatest of achievements…

  3. A newspaper headline about her recipe for a lemon cake described it as difficult, sour, and expensive. Har, har.

  4. The most hilarious thing about this shyster is that she didn’t think of herself as black until she was told it was an opportunity to make some money out of the Windsors by calling them racist. There followed all the failed money making schemes that leave poor old Ginge solitary, lonely and unloved.
    My heart bleeds…

  5. Well she did think of herself as black during her acting career. To be precise when she had a nose job in order to look less black.
    Anyway, a question I’ve often asked but not yet got an answer to is: who’s paying Omid Scobie?

  6. Kjerulf- who pays him? The shortest explanation is the people buying the books he writes. Being trusted to back Meg and Harry provides inside access to juicy goss, blow by blow who said what to whom, you know shit stirring = thus profit. The royal family had the old inside the tent pissing out, vs outside pissing in dilemma. it wasn’t much of a dilemma because Harry had no chance of potty training Meghan. She is the one cracking the whip so to speak, but it’s inevitable that the pissing in will continue indefinitely. We see these book things as damaging, but the long term damage limitation began the moment they were booted. Only if someone’s fool enough to try rapprochement will the countdown to another crisis begin again.

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