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Well now

Humza Yousaf labelled a ‘Sturgeon tribute act’ with plan to spend extra £1bn on benefits

Isn’t the point of a tribute act that you get to ride on the coattails of the successful performer who came before?

5 thoughts on “Well now”

  1. One presumes that, in Hamza’s eyes, his predecessor was an undiluted success, he being known for his insight and judgement.

  2. mjohnm – Sturgeon is a success.

    Despite being a failed solicitor who is also hideously ugly and lacks intelligence, competence or charisma, Nicola Sturgeon is now a very wealthy woman who is apparently immune to criminal prosecution.

    Humza would love to be as successful.

  3. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    It does say something that the proceeds of looting Scotland for half a lifetime amount to a second hand camper van.

    No self respecting African leader would be content.

    So I count Sturgeon as a failure.

  4. The fact Scottish law does not allow much media reporting of cases under investigation makes me wonder it was worth it for SNP to have a case started as it was becoming inevitable that something had to come out and then they get police to drag it out for a year or so which means it fades from public attention then quietly drop the case when they feel everyone is distracted or has moved on. I am reminded of the saying though that don’t ascribe to malice (or conspiracy) what can be explained by sheer incompetence and the SNP seems very good at incompetence

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