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Well, there’s one prediction that worked.

RC365 Holding went from around 20 p to perhaps 150p and is now back down in the 20s. And who was it who said all along there wasn’t summat right with RCGH?

RC365 Holding (LON: RCGH) shares are down 81% from their peak. RCGH shares are down simply because fewer people believe the story and so are getting out of their positions. We would like to just point out that we’ve been saying this was going to be so all along. Yes, there’s a fashion for meme stocking Hong Kong and Far East based financial microcaps. That was more on NASDAQ than in London but we did warn that this is what it was looking like at RC365. We’ve also looked at the deals they announce as they announce them and insisted they’re simply not as valuable as some speculators seemed to think. We’re not the only people who thought this was akin to a pump and dump either.

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