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Well, Zac is rich, yes

Zac Goldsmith too rich to feel net zero pain, says Kemi Badenoch
Business Secretary suggests former minister is out of touch because he has ‘way more money than pretty much everyone in the UK’

One of the things that amuses me greatly is that he inherited the money from Sir Jams. OK, I’m fine with that, obviously. But the really big chunk of the Sir Jams fortune was made very late in his career with Crown Zellerbach. A forestry company in N America. Where there were more than one accusation of clear cutting old growth forests.

And it’s possible to indicate that that’s really where Zac’s money comes from.

You know, just one of those fun things.

4 thoughts on “Well, Zac is rich, yes”

  1. Lord Goldsmith claimed Mr Sunak was attempting to “turn the environment into a US-style political wedge issue”,

    Giving voters (a very small degree of) choice instead of marching in lockstep with rich and useless climate charlatans to impoverish them asap means you’re a Bad Man.

    warning he would be remembered for his leadership at the moment the UK “turned its back on the world and on future generations”.

    of dinghy rapists, Beeg Eeshoo vendors, and all those primary schools with nary a white face to be seen in them.

  2. Kemi is correct. Environmentalism is a luxury belief and there’s few people more luxurious than Zac, who’s never done a stroke of work in his entire gilded existence.

  3. I agree MC. If he really wants to get rid of the CO2 and give us a nice new ice age, he should use all our garbage and sewage to fertilise the oceans and cover them with algae.

  4. “accusation of clear cutting old growth forests”: yeah, yeah. There were accusations of the same in Queensland that were disproved by records and photographs from the thirties.

    ‘As bogus as an Abo activist’ as I said at the time (quietly).

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