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What are they suggesting gets trimmed?

Braun advertises men’s trimmers using trans model

Does it have like a bris attatchment and then the full goer?

15 thoughts on “What are they suggesting gets trimmed?”

  1. I love using Braun™ products to shave my manly face while staring in the mirror at the hideously scarred ruins of my mutilated tits.

  2. I thought this would turn up on here! Is this another Bud Light moment or will boycott fatigue set in? I’m boycotting.

  3. What bloke is going to choose a trimmer because a tranny uses it? Did none of these people learn from Budweiser? Tolerance is not the same thing as aspiration. You might get lots of applause from the media and politicians, but I will get my chest waxed if this doesn’t lead to a sales drop.

  4. Braun advertises men’s trimmers using tragic mutilated, self-hating woman

    Surely exploiting the mentally ill for commercial gain is at the very least unethical?

  5. Braun™ – wholly-owned by Gillette, a company with direct experience of destroying an iconic American brand by insulting the majority of their customers in favour of catering to elitists and the woke. Well done, lads – sorry to see you can’t even learn from your own mistakes, let alone others’.

  6. Marketing skirt gets approval from her woke friends, and can point to some psychology survey about brand recognition?

    “Hmm, I need a razor. Electric? Hmm. Lots on the shelf. Braun? I think I’ve heard of them. German engineering, not made in China or Bangladeshi sweatshop. Must be ethical. Hmm, Nazis? Surely not, Brown people are good.”

    In the basket it goes.

  7. After some diligent research (why am I not paid to dick around on t’internet?) I have established that the vibration frequencies for electric dildos, razors and concrete settlers are pretty much all the same.
    So if you want it bigger…
    OTOH getting the encrusted shit out of people’s heads requires a frequency about 8 times as much. But shit is thixotropic so it can be done.
    Our host may like to look up the Bristol Stool Index.

  8. “Braun™ – wholly-owned by Gillette”

    Makes sense. I haven’t bought a Gillette product since that advert they put out telling me how shit I was just for being a man and that I should be constantly telling all my mates how shit they are too.

  9. AndrewC – I haven’t bought a Gillette product since…
    Nor have I – or Braun, for that matter, and we’ve cut back on Procter & Gamble (which has owned Gillette since 2005). A Braun shaver was on it’s last legs, as was a Braun toothbrush – Philips got the business for both, and “Harry” gets my razor business these days (although I was a loyal Gillette customer for about 40 years) and it’s been Colgate in place of Crest.
    You would think if anyone knew the value of a brand, it would be this gang – but it seems not.

  10. Remember that a committee made the decision to not use a male model to advertise a men’s product.

    You don’t hate them enough….

  11. You would think if anyone knew the value of a brand, it would be this gang

    Unilever likewise or possibly more so. It seems as though the traditional values of a brand, be it quality, value, reliability, recognition and so on are now subordinated to the “values” that the company wants to project, a kind of moral mission statement.

    “A company which feels it has to define the purpose of Hellmann’s mayonnaise has in our view clearly lost the plot. The Hellmann’s brand has existed since 1913 so we would guess that by now consumers have figured out its purpose (spoiler alert — salads and sandwiches).”

  12. I wonder if Unilever and Proctor and Gambol manufacture the supermarkets’ own brand stuff and just put in different packaging? I just about always buy the Asda brand products as they are normally of comparable quality and about half the price of the branded products. I use Harry’s razors, I signed up for their shaving plan originally but I see that their stuff is appearing on the supermarket shelves. I haven’t used an electric shaver for over thirty years but back when I did it was a Phillishave.

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