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Gavin Williamson told to apologise and have behaviour training for bullying former Tory chief whip

What the Hell’s a whip – let alone a Chief one – doing complaining about bullying?

10 thoughts on “Whut?”

  1. “behaviour training”… That’s what you do with unruly dogs and puppies. Could possibly attempt it with cats..

    Really shows the mindset there, doesn’t it?

  2. Being a whiny arse is now considered bullying? And as for the “bullied”, seriously you made a complaint about this?

  3. Why on earth was the Chief Whip involved allocating seats at HM’s funeral? Isn’t that a job for a junior bod in the Lord Chamberlain’s department? It should NOT be a party political matter.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m fast coming to the belief that government by lot can’t be any worse so we might as well give it a go.

    It’s like a 5 year old’s playground:

    Mummy, they won’t let me go to Lizzie’s party.
    Please miss, it’s not fair he called me hurty words.

  5. Me thinks Guardian omitted two words:

    Michael Gove – apologise to? No, burn in Drax

    My apologies to all for being decieved by his Brexit support. He wanted Brexit, not for us plebs freedom, but to allow UK to be more tyranical than EU would allow

    On a similar note: A Dose of Satire

    However, the peasants discovered Vizier Sunak’s Modern (ie old) Coin Trick (known as MMT, for some reason) in 2022…

    PS: New blog template is worse, rollback please

  6. New Blog Template

    Very clunky, very little functionality, but no worse than the old one and at least it looks modern.

  7. BiND,

    The thing is that being an MP no longer has much power. Even if you get to be a minister or PM.

    There was a time when there was a lot of military spending, then there was all sorts of stuff like the mines, British Leyland, Sealink ferries, all the communications, electricity. It attracted the likes of Thatcher and Healey to the job.

    What does government actually run that’s important now? The military, much smaller than it was, the NHS, the courts, state pensions, rail (which hardly anyone uses). It’s more exciting working almost anywhere else, and pays better.

  8. “What the Hell’s a whip – let alone a Chief one – doing complaining about bullying?”

    Claiming a place in the hierarchy of victimhood.

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