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On Saturday, senior Tory MPs responded to the claims by stressing the duty of Public Service Broadcasters to investigate the claims.

We’ve got tossers insisting that rial by media is the *right* way to do it?

Look, we’ve a court system, Plod, prosecutors, laws, evidence, we have things called trials. That’s who investigates claims of criminal activity.

11 thoughts on “Whut?”

  1. Were these senior Tory MP’s equally outraged by the behaviour of Philip Schofield?
    Or the antics of Huw Edwards?


    But evidently Brand needs to be taken down one way or another.

    It might not go well. Unlike the first two RB has never made a secret of his appetites, quite the reverse in fact. Public opinion despises hypocrites a great deal more than libertines. It wasn’t the extra-marital shagging that led to Matt Hancock being universally ridiculed, it was his “lockdown for thee but not for me” hypocrisy.

  2. I have never liked Russell Brand – his personality or his politics.

    He was a randy sod – a cad – but that does not make anything he did illegal. The 16 year old was above the age of consent; she was naive if she thought he would love her forever.

    Look Luv, you don’t keep the packet once you’ve smoked the cigarettes.

  3. Fundamentally, you shouldn’t be making hearsay allegations years after the fact. Go to the police immediately and you have credibility, and even if there’s no charges or conviction, the person has a target on his back from then onwards. Painful as it is, it has to be done.

    The likes of Milano taking payoffs to shut up and to keep their careers are the pathetic ones. We all have to choose sometime to do the right thing rather than the convenient, and they enabled a generation of Hollywood types to carry on as normal.

  4. You can tell this is legit by the way they’ve brought an American sized XL pack of anonymous “victims” (never mind the quality, feel the width) to complain about stuff that allegedly happened over 10 years ago when Brand was still on the telly and in Hollywood films.

    Btw, completely OT but I just remembered that guy who TPTB would rather shut up forever touched me on the bum at a Butlins in 1987. Where’s my compensation?

  5. It’s all rather sinister, particularly the playing up of the age of the 16 year old and the talk of ‘grooming’ like Brand is some sort of nonce.

  6. Ah but Tim, trial by media is so much more effective at destroying people than the courts are. Media doesn’t need to worry about what the laws are or if there is any evidence of criminality.

  7. I bumped into Brand at the height of his career. He was on his way somewhere else but managed to change m my daughter in about 10 seconds before fortunately he had to go. Had he more time and me not being there a consensual liaison could easily have happened. But with it being nothing more than a one off no doubt my daughter would later wonder why so would now join the me too ranks.
    Brand could have almost any girl he wanted. I believe him when he says it was all consensual.

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