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Ah, so that’s what the toddler story is about

Toddler loses finger after getting it caught in chain of rental bike

Nasty, shouldn’t be allowed to happen, oughta be a law etc.

Sadiq Khan lacks power to regulate dockless bicycles that often clog London pavements

And that’s why we’re being told the story. So that the Khan Empire can expand its power. Not to actually do anything, you understand, just to have more power over more things.

The Mayor’s office has said it currently lacks the power to regulate dockless rental bikes, and is pushing the Government to give more controls so it can improve safety and manage parking better.

Can we guess who sent the press release out?

18 thoughts on “Ah, so that’s what the toddler story is about”

  1. The wife and I bought our little son a jigsaw once.
    Unfortunately, when we got home, we found he’d plugged it in and cut of four of his fingers.

    Also, I new a bloke who had the tips of two of his fingers missing. He’d been lubricating the chain of his motorbike with the engine running and in gear to make it easier and one finger got caught. Not learning from this he did the same thing again, hence missing two finger tips. For that and more, his nickname was ‘Village’.

  2. My job used to involve repairing a kind of industrial clipping machine that had a pair of powerful jaws that folded a U shaped metal strip into a tight ring to hold pieces of metal together. The guy whose company made and sold these things was a very hands on guy who wasn’t averse to getting his hands dirty when there was work to be done. He had a missing finger. Once I got to know him well enough I asked him about it expecting that one of these clippers would be the culprit. No, when he was a kid he had turned his bike upside down and was spinning the pedals and had got his finger caught in the chain .

  3. To be fair, these rental bikes are an effing nuisance. A lot of the people who use them just dump them any old where, often right in the middle of the pavement. Somebody dumped one across my front path once. And no, you can’t just move them aside, because they are sodding heavy.

    I doubt, though, that the powers don’t exist to shift them if they are causing an obstruction.

  4. Somebody dumped one across my front path once. And no, you can’t just move them aside, because they are sodding heavy.

    You could have chained it to something solid. Then demanded a release fee when the owner showed up.

  5. The incident, which took place in August, occurred when Leopoldo’s mother had taken the one-year-old and his sister to meet their father after work on New Bond Street in Westminster.
    Leopoldo was let out of the pram for a short moment but got his finger trapped in the unguarded chain of the Tier rental bike. The chain and gears then moved when Leopoldo inadvertently put pressure on the bike’s pedal, causing his finger to be almost completely severed.
    After managing to break the chain with a pair of scissors and release the child’s finger, the mother rushed him to hospital where he received an emergency operation to reattach it.
    However, after several weekly check-ups, doctors decided that the best course of action was to amputate the majority of the finger.

    This is hilarious… Sure missy… The bike is to blame..

    And I’d really like to see her duplicating the act of breaking a bicycle chain with a pair of scissors. On camera.
    What’s that I smell? Ah, yes… Bullcrap.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    Mother takes eye off toddler, toddler does toddler thing, all must pay.

    Modern life in a nutshell.

  7. If she’d taken her eyes off him for long enough for him to get run down by a car/bicycle/off-lead Bully XL, would we even be hearing about this?

  8. Think Spiro has a point. These bike rental companies are using the resource of the roads to make a living. But they’re not contributing to the resource they’re consuming. Part of the resource, being not to have the pavements cluttered with dumped bikes. The onus has to be put on the rental companies to solve the problem they’re causing.
    Root of the problem is of course letting cyclists, who are essentially unregulated, have access to a road system that depends on regulation. Here we now have the same thing with electric scooters which get left anywhere the user fancies. Also get ridden up one way streets the wrong way & through pedestrian areas at 30kph. Like the bikes.
    As for the scissors/bike chain interface, don’t you detect the usual journalist incompetence here? Of course you can’t cut a bike chain with a pair of scissors. Hard enough with bolt cutters. The woman probably used the scissors to lever the chain of the cog to get some slack. The cutting just happened in some journalist’s head because there are few things more detached from reality than a journalist

  9. On the subject of ankle-biters & rugrats. Something you never see these days is reins for children. A friend has a two year old. The age when they’ve learned to walk & are determined to use the ability at every opportunity. Turn your head & he’s 50 metres away & moving fast. The modern mum’s solution seems to be to strap them in wheelchairs & push them everywhere whereas the obvious solution is the reins in the same way as you put a dog on a lead.. I don’t believe you can even buy the things.

  10. the obvious solution is the reins in the same way as you put a dog on a lead

    I often suggest those extending dog leads and the corkscrew ground anchors (also sold with those dog leads) to the parents of toddlers. None have so far.

  11. the obvious solution is the reins in the same way as you put a dog on a lead.

    We had a free range sprog that would often wander off but they’d come back to us eventually. Usually for feeding.

  12. Well, it’s a form of natural selection innit? If they wander off and get eaten by a tiger or squashed by a car, it breeds a child more aware of its surroundings.

  13. “you can’t just move them aside”: are they electric bikes? Then you could just burn them.

    In fact, in the coming Net Zero era burning e-bikes and EVs may be a major life saver.

    Just don’t do it in a multi-storey carpark. You’d use up too many in one go. And do wear whatever mask is suitable.

  14. He’d been lubricating the chain of his motorbike with the engine running and in gear to make it easier and one finger got caught.

    The way I was taught to lubricate a bike chain was to take a large flat tin of grease (sold in bike shops), heat it (gently) until melted, then remove the chain pin, drop the chain into the tin of grease, take it out and hang it up over the tin until it stopped dripping. Then replace the chain and the chain pin. Have I been doing it wrong all these years?

  15. @bis, October 29, 2023 at 10:30 am
    @WindyPants, October 29, 2023 at 11:25 am

    That would be me from 8 months, I never crawled, just stood up and walked

    However, I was always very risk aware, not averse. Even managed to run through a patio door with no injuries when ~18 months

    I congratulate my parents who said No to silly plastic tools and allowed me to use real hammers, nails, wood, hatchets, knives etc

    I had total freedom with caveat ‘Do no harm’…or else

    @Chris Miller

    Yep, Hot Chain lube: Gaphite grease in big flat tin. Still have one

    Not suitable for O-Ring chains iirc. Thus donn’t used for MC, only bicycle

    PS: If ordinary chain seized, soak in diesel, gas-oil

    MC: The need for speed

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