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STOCKHOLM, Oct 9 (Reuters) – American economic historian Claudia Goldin won the 2023 Nobel economics prize for her work examining wage inequality between men and women, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said on Monday.

Snigger. Gurgle, Splort.

A lady aftre my own heart. For effectively her work says that there is no gender pay gap. Thre’s an income gap, sure, but it’s not at the level of gender for the same job in the same place. It’s people choosing to do different things with their lives. Which means they gain different incomes.

Lawksadaisy, right?

This pisses all over the chips of a very large number of the gender warriors. Not that they’ll pay much attention but the rest of us should.

11 thoughts on “Ahahahahahaha”

  1. “”The important point is that both lose,” she told the Social Science Bites blog last year. “Men forgo time with their family and women often forgo their career.””

    Or, you can look at it from another perspective that both win: men get to build a thing and women get to do a load of nurturing.

    When mine were about 7 or 8, I worked from home. I got to see them a lot. And really, they didn’t care that much. Kids spend a lot of time at school, or watching TV, or playing with their toys, or going to piano practice. You need someone around with them, but neither of you are enhancing your life by sitting reading the paper as the kids play Barbie next door.

    And kids want that time of playing Nintendo, reading a book, kicking a football around, baking cakes, but it isn’t that much. It’s also skewed by the sexes and the kids interests. Dads really have to give more time because of football, gaming etc. Girls are often more into crafts and baking and mums do it with them.

  2. Sociologist Catherine Hakim was saying something similar nearly 30 years ago. Women make choices based on what they value (home-making and children, would you believe!) and take less stressy jobs with shorter hours. That largely explains the earnings gap.

    Of course, feminist sociologists then criticised that by saying that the Patriarchy transmits a false consciousness to women, inculcating them with self-defeating ideologies.

    To which the only answer is “Yes, dear!”

  3. I have a theory that says any profession or job sector that starts out as all (or overwhelming majority) male) and slowly becomes majority female (and may become overwhelming majority female) will over the same time become less and less efficient and more dysfunctional. As the women move in, productivity moves out. You may end up with a sustained level of output by dint of throwing more inputs in, but efficiency goes out the window, and its highly likely that actual declines in output (rather than relative ones) will occur. Its one of the basic reasons for the decline of the west.

  4. @Jim – hmm…. That is certainly the case in teaching and general practice medicine.

    Interestingly, you get the same outcome for different reasons. Teaching’s gone to pot because women can’t teach boys properly and GPs have gone to pot because most female GPs work 3 days a week.

    I wonder if female GPs are more likely to hand over dodgy sicknotes? (in order to be agreeable/avoid confrontation)

  5. It’s quite amusing reading the report on the BBC website. Naturally they’re delighted that it’s been won by a woman (and not shared with a man for the first time) – but the verbal contortions they go into trying to avoid the actual thrust and conclusions of her work, which don’t fit at all well with the “house dogma”…

  6. Regarding sick notes my wife always says that it’s much easier with a male GP as women are less sympathetic of other women especially during pregnancy.

  7. “There is no gender pay gap. It’s a motherhood pay gap”
    “Mothers are women though”
    “Surely you mean birthing people?”

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