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Ahh, so that’s the crime

A female sergeant has been demoted for pulling down a colleague’s trousers and licking her forehead as “banter”, a court-martial heard.

Staff Sergeant Kayleigh Preston allegedly pulled down the lower-ranked soldier’s trousers at work. She then grabbed Sergeant Louise St Louis’s underwear and pointed out it matched the colour of her trousers, the hearing was told.

At another meeting SSgt Preston licked her junior colleague’s forehead, but claimed it was just “banter”.

She was later disciplined and found guilty of ill-treatment of a subordinate which led to her being reduced in rank to sergeant and ordered to pay her victim £800.

11 thoughts on “Ahh, so that’s the crime”

  1. Even I’m not “jack” (although that’s RN not Army) to have MTP (the modern UK camouflage pattern) underwear.

  2. Steve across the Pond

    So… If this was a male Staff Sergeant, is she arguing it would be perfectly okay as well?

    That’s completely inappropriate for a staff NCO. Well, completely inappropriate for any rank. But below NCO, it would be frowned upon and probably settled with strong words and maybe some punches.

  3. I was puzzling at first ad to why she had her trousers on her head.

    Good job they weren”t in the commandos fnarr fnarr

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Staff Sergeant Kayleigh Preston does appear to have a rather large Adams apple, maybe its a trick of the light?

    Anyway, I’m not sure I like the idea of individuals paying compensation directly, perverse incentives and all that.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’ll also add, the picture caption refers to StSgt when the abbreviation is SSgt or S/Sgt and the person in the picture is wearing Sgt stripes only and not the crown above them to designate SSgt.

    The Telegraph used to be proud of its understanding of matters military, or maybe that’s just my fading memory.

  6. Louise St Louis? Seriously?

    P.s. FFS the person in that photo is about as much of a woman as Rear Admiral Rachel Levine.

  7. Anybody remind me what we’re getting in exchange for our £50Bn per annum on “defence”?

    Do you feel defended?

  8. @JG
    What a clever idea. Camouflage your skidmarks. Wouldn’t need to change them more than once a month.

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