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‘Allo? ‘Allo?

The Observer thinks this is a French baguette:

Umm, no. Perhaps a baguette rurale, or paysane, but not the standard Frenchie baguette at all.

So, who’s with me on this?

11 thoughts on “‘Allo? ‘Allo?”

  1. “Paysane” where I lived, but technically a “baguette paysane”. A “pain paysane” is much wider.

    Way too crunchy for my tastes.

    I prefer the wider baguette Parisienne.

  2. Listen carefully, I will say this only once:

    They’re pain edimbourgois, I get them from my local deli, which is about 150m away but only if standard baguettes have run out. They’re about 3 times the price, much shorter, hard and chewy. As Steve suggests the pointy bits are like concrete so wasted.

  3. As someone who has just got back from shopping with a fresh bloomer loaf, cut the still-warm end off and eaten it with butter, I can say whatever the answer, this is – for once – a ‘Guardian’ column I cannot disagree with!

  4. This looks like a “Kornspitz” to me – an Austrian bread speciality:
    (well, invented by Tirolean mountain men – crunchiness might be a problem for weaklings (and people having to rely on NHS-dentistry…)…..
    So one might think of a sequel ot ‘allo?allo’ – somebody with Austrian roots tries to destroy French culture again, this time by attacking the baguette…

  5. Difficult one. “Baguette” in France defines a long thin loaf made with a particular flour made for a particular purpose. Since there were always regional & individual boulangerer variations that’s as close as you can get. Tim’s expressing a Brit preference whereas a Frenchman might differ. You have to get these things the right way round. It’s the use that defines the article not the article the use.

  6. Those part-cooked baguettes from the supermarkets are pretty decent, aren’t they? By the standards of supermarket bread, I mean.

  7. My French nephew agrees with you Tim, they’re not baguettes, he refers to them as ficelles . I trust him on this because he’s an England rugby supporter rather than following the French side. I expect he’ll be celebrating following the departure of the hosts from the tournament.

    I bake baguettes using John (the Sunderland baker) Kirkwood’s recipe and it seems his recipe is getting full marks here

    Any home bakers out there should check out John’s YouTube channel. He’s validated all of the recipes via years of experience and his videos and delivery are quite entertaining.

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