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At 18 I didn’t think so

Quarter of middle-aged women are ‘fit but fat’, study finds

Some decades later my view has changed – yes, OK…..

14 thoughts on “At 18 I didn’t think so”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Talking of which, I’ve just seen a picture of Victoria Beckham on the BBC site, blimey she may not be fat but she hasn’t aged well.

  2. I’m currently chatting up a middle-aged woman who’s seriously into jogging.

    OK, one can’t deny she’s been round the block a few times- but she’s well fit.

  3. Not in the same division as Posh Spice, but have you seen the pictures of international marathoner Rosa Mota now compared to her best.
    Almost no difference.

  4. OT but it’s worth reading this bleat by Nick Robinson in the Torygraph if you can access it.
    He really doesn’t get it. Claiming the BBC is “neutral” on the basis that it gets equal complaints from right & left about its content is nonsense. It’s the extremes will more vociferous because they’ve the incentive to complain. So the extremes in anything are likely to balance. It’s the middle ground you’re interested in.
    The claim that 61% still trust the BBC is an appalling figure for a supposedly neutral state broadcaster. They should believe what you’re reporting even they don’t share your opinions on it. They’re well into Pravda territory. As for the 41% losing interest, if you’re going to adopt a position well to the liberal side of the majority of your consumers, WTF do you expect? Who wants to watch something you constantly don’t agree with? There’s a limit to how much you can take. Better to consume nothing.
    Just more pro-BBC propaganda. But I suppose if he can see it it out to when he gets his pension …

  5. ‘…but she hasn’t aged well.’

    Oh I don’t know BiND, I would. Ok, I’d need one of the old ‘gain of function’ tablets nowadays, but still…

  6. Jeez, Mr Nerd. We hope you’re not following her around the block. Do terrible damage to you’re waistline. Your trousers’ll be down round your ankles if you’re not careful.
    The sedentary live longer. Barnacles are practically immortal one hears.

  7. BIS,

    The thing with people on Twitter complaining about the BBC’s position is that they’re the hard left, the Dave Spart types who think that Corbyn is sensible and that Starmer is basically a Tory.

    If you want to know where the BBC’s political position is, just observe the people who get animated about privatising it and telling you what fantastic value it is. They’ve all been to uni, do wanky jobs in the public sector, voted remain, really buy into the Gaia stuff.

  8. Looking at pics of Posh Spice my first thought was ” Why doesn’t she get a decent hairdo ?” Why do these middle aged celeb types always have such boring hair ? Meghan is just the same.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    Talking of Meghan, apparently she’s let it be known that she’s interested in being appointed to the Senate as Diane Feinstein’s replacement.

  10. BIND.
    So Gruesome appointed one of Harrises closest allies to Feinsteins seat.
    Does this mean that the California wing of the Dems is aligning behind Team Harris as a replacement for Biden?

  11. Boring hair

    See also Demi Moore, Courtney Cox etc ad nauseum.

    I have just discovered that Annabel Croft is on Strictly ( I knew that Angela R and Les Dennis were on it ). I used to have a thing for her, especially when she did Treasure Hunt, but I haven’t seen her in years. She is still very attractive, but I really wouldn’t have recognised her at first glance.

  12. The thing with people on Twitter complaining about the BBC’s position is that they’re the hard left, the Dave Spart types who think that Corbyn is sensible and that Starmer is basically a Tory.
    I very much doubt if that’s true. They likely get considerable numbers from “Angry from Hartney Witney.”, no doubt typed in green ink. Which is my point. The extremes will always have people with time on their hands to lodge complaints. The middle not so much. So claiming you get complaints from both sides isn’t evidence of impartiality. Especially if you’re the one defining the extremes. And in BBC terms, what was the middle ground a generation ago, is now an extreme.

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