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He doesn’t even know what supply side is.

This is, of course, total nonsense whether suggested by Tufton Street or Rachel Reeves. Characterised as ‘supply side reform’, the idea is that profit is a higher good than anything else because markets know how to price for the benefit of society better than the state can ever manage to do by interfering, and so market interests must be allowed to progress unfettered.

Supply side is really, really, simple in concept. Sometimes reforming the way things are supplied will be a good idea. So, let’s find out when and how and then go do that.

That’s it.

Now, the details can get a little trickier. When’s the peak of the Laffer Curve? OK, we don;’ want to go over that because if we do we’ll be limiting the supply of labour. How much control of who builds where should there be? Possibly less than there is no when land with building permission is £1 million a hectare.

But “supply side” sa supply side just says that it’s worth tihning about the supply side.

3 thoughts on “Blimey”

  1. Knowing less than Ritchie about economics (no, really!!) when I think of supply side I think of making the trains run on time.

    But from reading the gory bits of history, I understand that if we don’t have machines to do the work, I!!! might have to do it.

    Faced with such a horror, I very definitely believe that we should have lots and lots of nice, reliable fossil fuel available to run them. Hence my staunch support for hurling Greens into the mouths of volcanos.

  2. My take from the various streams of incoherence on his blog is that anyone who questions his narrative is ‘On the Far Right’ – I can’t imagine why John Mcdonnell didn’t hire him for a job??

    Also, despite wanting to confiscate everyone’s income and savings for his own pet theories he ‘isn’t a socialist’

    In some ways he must be surveying the train wreck that is his life and resolving to just go birdwatching. But I am reminded of the Great ‘Bloke in Spain”s point that it’s Murphy’s world – we only live in it. And as Bond Markets collapse around the world I think the truth of how great his responsibility for the coming carnage is.

  3. Now that Mark “proud to be a Fuckwit” Carney has expressed support for Ms Reeves, is this the end of her campaign?

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