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Bugger all to do with public health funding

The dramatic increase is not due to the pandemic alone. Syphilis was nearly eradicated in the early 1990s, as the HIV epidemic raised public awareness of the perils of STIs, but the disease has made a return amid stagnant and siloed public health funding.

To do with HIV now being treatable, with PrEP, so that folk – and let’s face it, it’s mostly the gay on gay action here – return to unprotected promiscuity.

Bugger all to do with public health budgets…..

Bet you the syphilis reporting went down during the 3 weeks of monekypox…..

13 thoughts on “Bugger all to do with public health funding”

  1. I’m not sure how increased public health budgets will stop fellas who fuck dozens of strangers every weekend getting diseases, unless the cash is used to barricade them in their homes.

  2. Health advocates are calling on the Biden administration to declare a public health emergency over a steep rise in congenital syphilis cases. The easily treated infection has quintupled in 10 years and can have harrowing impacts on children.

    Yeah, third world countries are shitholes aren’t they? The real America was an amazing place.

  3. Some of my best friends

    I’m deeply sceptical that congenital syphilis, which is what the report is about, is closely associated with gay-on-gay action.

  4. One could, more accurately, say it was the result of government funding.
    Government funded the research on & the treatments for AIDS. The result was the irons went porking each other without protection, seeing less risk. Voila! They caught syph.
    The law of unintended consequences..

  5. The report finishes with: “Men who have sex with men are more likely to be diagnosed with syphilis. As a result, the Bicillin shortage is most likely to hit the LGBTQ+ community hardest.”

    So there are two matters here.

  6. You have a point Witchie.

    If there’s a shortage, I’d treat a mother and her child before worrying about someone who caught syphilis during a gay orgy.

  7. Community immunity develops over time with exposure to pathogens. When Europeans went to the Americas, the natives were struck down by common European diseases, seldom fatal back home because the locals’ immune systems had never encountered them.

    If we ‘eradicate’ certain pathogens by drugs and vaccination, community immunity wanes and since pathogens are ever evolving by mutation, it’s just a matter of time before they reappear.

    Of note is the fact of high natural immunity among young people to Coronavirus 2, which is suggestive that it, or very close relatives, had been circulating among school children for some time, and it was not so ‘novel’ as the liars told us.

    We used to know this stuff – but in March 2020 all medical knowledge and experience was replaced by The Science™️.

  8. Of note is the fact of high natural immunity among young people to Coronavirus 2, which is suggestive that it, or very close relatives, had been circulating among school children for some time, and it was not so ‘novel’ as the liars told us.

    Very close relative, actually. Specifically hCovNL63, which was our local variant before the Madness, hovered around in the background, and featured heavily in the Kiddie Crud.
    That lovely period where kids are in clutches/daycare and are crawling Sniffle Sharers.
    They catch stuff easily, but shrug it off relatively easily as well.

    So , yes…. having a high chance of being exposed to that virus, of course kids would have a higher natural immunity against WuFlu. The spike and mantle were similar enough to give a good first line of defense.
    The same goes for the kids’ carers, professional or not: They either caught it and shrugged it off, or suffered from “systemic infectuous bronchitis”.
    The really weak got a dose of exactly the same problems associated with WuFlu, because the virus in and of itself is nasty, and does cause severe complications in the Unlucky.

    Of course, NL63 being relatively well-behaved, and with an estimated chance of running into it at about 4% a year for adults, any serious complications were mere background noise and never really made the News.
    They were described, especially after CoVid1 and SARS, but known well before that.
    They were just considered “of significance” only for Old People and people with known immunodeficiencies, like the diabetic fatties and people undergoing chemo.
    The microclotting/stroke/”Long Covid” issue was also described well before even CoVid1, in rats and mice……. And deemed “a rare and insignificant risk tied to adverse immunological profiles” for humans.

    Normal, “healthy” people who had an “extreme adverse reaction” ( read: serious allergy) to NL63 or its cousins were extremely rare.
    Not because they weren’t around, but simply because you’re talking about a very minor fraction of the population v/s very low chance to run into their Achilles’ Heel.
    Very low incidence, resulting in very few actual cases, quite often misdiagnosed or attributed to the Health Fad du Jour.

    Enter WuFlu, which was most definitely Novel, since it didn’t just carry that mutated spike, but also employed vastly different helper proteïns compared to the known variants.
    Much more virulent and infectuous. And different enough that any natural immunity had trouble detecting it.
    So you get a rush of infections, that progress much further, and cause more damage. With the resultant huge uptick in the complications inherent to any Coronavirus.
    And with the number of Tragic Cases suddenly appearing above the background noise, becoming noticeable in numbers, they get attributed to the Novel Virus.
    When in fact most of the lingering damage people are Shouting About is generic to the entire virus family.

    Have we been Lied To™? Oh hell yes, with added Incompetence, and possibly actual Malice.
    The Media having a field day thoroughly spreading Panic™ didn’t help either.
    But an awful lot of the things about the WuFlu people are still shouting about now is, in fact, “mere” standard complications of a specific virus family, suddenly applied to very significant fractions of populations.
    The actual incidence for them was only slightly elevated for CoVid2. But when applied to several billions of people.. well… you get Big Numbers you can point at.

  9. “Long Covid” is perfectly normal post-viral syndrome, that a subset of people who recover from *any* viral infection get. Your body has gone to extremes to fight off an infection, sometimes after winning the fight it takes time to recover. Compare post-WW1 infrastructure with post-WW2 infrastructure.

  10. How does all this square with the regularly-cited reports that young people are having less sex than ever?

    Apart from gays, the other group going at it like wild monkeys is African-Americans. They make up 12% of the population, but 40% of new HIV infections in 2021. This would explain the congenital syphilis.

  11. @Andrew M , oh.. there’s a very clear …trend…. if you look at the data and put two and two together.

    Well.. in this case.. One, and another one, and another one, and another one, and….
    You can even point out every single factor leading up to an infection with congenital syphilis, and correlate that with specific racial profiles, cultures ( multiple apply here ) , and socio-economic situation.
    As long as you’re presenting it according to the relevant jargon and Scientific Consensus within the Grievance Studies, Pleasing to the Eye of Nuggan. Oh, and blame the Whipipo Patriarchy.
    Might even get a grant or phD out of it if you play your cards right.

    What you can’t say is: It’s the Blacks and Illegals in the Hoods, shagging like rabbits making kids, because that keeps the gravy train rolling for the ladies, so the blokes, being Mysteriously Absent as a Father, can sponge off them.
    Because that would be “racist”. And Inconvenient for that Grant Gravy train.

  12. Andrew M
    October 17, 2023 at 10:16 pm
    How does all this square with the regularly-cited reports that young people are having less sex than ever?

    A soldier who won’t fuck, won’t fight.

    If these fuckers won’t fuck, fuck em.

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