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But what if…..

The great domestic demands of this moment are fourfold.

We need to rebuild from the wreckage of austerity and liberate this country to do all those things that are possible.

We need to rebuild our international relationships, which are in tatters after Brexit.

We need a green transition because our future depends on it.

And we need to rebuild faith in politics so that these things might happen.

….the politicians we have are in fact the thin-necked soy-boy dweebs we all suspect them to be and also that there is no alternative bench of talent to replace them? Not having faith in politics would therefore be reasonable…..

23 thoughts on “But what if…..”

  1. I recall Corbyn warning us at the last GE: “A vote for the Conservatives is a vote to privatise our NHS”. Sell it to Donald Trump even.
    Neatly showing you can’t trust Labour or Conservative leaders ‘cos that didn’t happen.

  2. ….the politicians we have are in fact the thin-necked soy-boy dweebs we all suspect them to be

    Not all of them. Some of them are also nonces and slot-badgers.

    The Naked Lunch was written shortly after William S. Burroughs became aware of the existence of notorious heterosexual shrub rocketeer William Hague.

  3. We think the Fake Conservatives under Fishi Rishi are bad but I think after a dose of the Sir Kneel flip flopping and his stupid, racist, Semitic MPs. With his naked corruption with Dale Vincent, if he tries to implement Net Zero then I do believe the timorous, reserved still upper lip will turn into a violent snarl.

    It may be just women up north missing an episode of Coronation Street due to the incessant power cuts or yet another spasm of gang raping 12 year olds but I get the feeling the fabric of England is unraveling…

    It will probably something I can’t think of, but revolution is in the air.

  4. @Grist

    I think Brexit was a warning to the ‘governing class’
    The current way they are dealing with Hama’s and it’s fifth column in the UK may finally tip people from grudging acquiescence I to full BB low mutiny

  5. On the basis that if he can have four ‘demands’ so can I:

    Government to be a lot more careful spending my money.

    Less tax.

    Can the BBC.

    Policies which favour the United Kingdom and its citizens, not foreigners, not international globalist outfits, not non-citizens..

    Anyone else like to go for four?

  6. On the basis that the only difference between both main parties seems to be the colour of the rosettes and that they appear to have abandoned their core principles in favour of some timid social democratic crap … I don’t trust any of them.

  7. Well Rhoda, I can but try.

    Government does not spend my money to support our enemies or indefinitely prolong wars.

    Government does not import foreigners who feel the same way about me as I do about them.

    Government does not attempt to shut down all fossil fuel burning and run everything with windmills.

    Government does not finance gain-of-function research and then panic when the bloody virus gets loose. And they can stop their stupid fuss about monkeypox as well.

    But I’m sure there’s plenty more I could extract from the anal orifice.

  8. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Can’t you see, he wants to Build Back Better. Nice big grant from the world’s top Bond Villain would do quite nicely. Regular invites to Davos to vomit his theories at an audience all too ready to lap them up.

  9. Boganboy we could learn from China, they wisely do all four of those sensible things. Seems to work OK for them.

  10. Martin Near The M25

    This is all drivel. No wonder nobody wants to pay him for it.

    “We need a green transition”

    Rubbish. There can’t be any kind of transition until there’s a replacement for baseload that renewables can’t provide. Unless we’re talking nuclear of course, which terrifies the green scum because it might work and spoil their power fantasies.

    “We need to rebuild our international relationships, which are in tatters after Brexit.”

    Yep, we’ve been totally isolated. Nobody comes here any more.

    “We need to rebuild from the wreckage of austerity.”

    Somehow I don’t think austerity caused the highest ever tax burden and record debt levels.

    “And we need to rebuild faith in politics”

    By making sure the damn proles don’t get uppity again and expect to get what they vote for.

  11. Applause for Ivor Semillon, fnarr fnarr!

    Ivor Semillon says:
    October 15 2023 at 10:40 am
    You do have a choice, and should stop pretending to yourself.
    You can cancel that TV appearance. TV channels have cancelled on you often enough, so get them back.

    Seriously, it’s not worth commentating on relations between Gaza and its two neighbours. Philosophers, pundits and politicians have been pontificating on it as if forever. We don’t need any more of them.

    Richard Murphy says:
    October 15 2023 at 12:33 pm
    Indifference is the resort of the coward.

    It was indifference that let the holocaust happen.

    And you are so sure of yourself you use a stupid pseudonym. I hope your are proud of your cowardice.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’ve just read that post and I see he’s now an expert on the Geneva Convention and the laws governing warfare.

    There’s still no beginning to his talents.

  13. Ultimately, and very obviously, a peaceful solution to this crisis will have to be found. The elimination of Gaza is not a peaceful solution.

    Maybe the British Government should send him in to talk to Hamas?

  14. Strange how the international brotherhood of muslins have refused to take any refugees from Gaza

    Egypt has closed its borders

    Seems like they have a different view of Hama’s to the BBC

  15. . . . we could learn from China . . .

    China has the biggest installed wind power capacity in the world (not far off twice every other country combined), and is the biggest uptaker of wind power. Wind counts for about 6% of their power generation and that number will increase quickly on current track.

  16. Any simpleton with an internet connection and 3 minutes can prove that austerity just simply isn’t true – the UK government has been spending like a drunken sailor and the statistics bear this out .

    As regards our relationship with other nations being in tatters – we democratically and peacefully withdrew from a trade deal, any ill feeling towards us as a result of this reflects more on them than us.

  17. PJF

    You’re correct – but when the wind does not blow, how much of that 6% does it generate?? Have they solved the massive technician issues of both recycling turbines and the poorer performance of larger models? If they haven’t how would we know??

  18. @ Van_Patten

    No idea; I suspect the Chinese system is even more prone to following stupid ideas from the central authoritah than we are. But then again, China needs lots of power and if you have a long coastline in a windy zone then wind is a viable energy source up to some percentage (15-20%?) of your power generation. So long as you keep all the other options going, of course.

    In some parts of the world, wind and solar make sense if installed for reasons of pragmatism rather than ideology.

  19. “And we need to rebuild faith in politics so that these things might happen.”

    Aha! There’s the real agenda. Politics, the art of amassing wealth and power without merit, as PJ O’Rourke put it. The chancers, spivs, bunco-artists, and wide-boys of the Great Racket are feeling the heat. Good.

  20. I’ve watched a Winston Sterzel piece suggesting that a lot of Chinese wind power isn’t connected.
    So the local government can claim they have installed the capacity to generate, the target for renewables based on that has been met, world number 1 now, but it’s no use to chick peas under lights until it’s wired to the rest of the grid and all the load balancing tech is in place.
    I’m willing to believe this.

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