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Can’t wait for a Tory Government, me

Prison sentences under a year to be scrapped for most criminals
Offenders to be punished in the community to tackle prison overcrowding crisis, Justice Secretary announces

12 thoughts on “Can’t wait for a Tory Government, me”

  1. So go the US route and don’t bother prosecuting – then the overworked, understaffed Plod doesn’t have to be disturbed policing Twitter and bothering people with the quaint notion there are only two sexes.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    This is an example of what happens when midwits become MPs.

    Lots of calls for harsher punishments and more money for the police because it’s red meat for the base then what do you mean we haven’t got enough prison places?

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    This thread and scanned pages worth a read to see the grip the civil service has on government.

    “ In his latest book, Politics on the Edge, Rory Stewart writes about his time at the Department for International Development.

    He tells a story in this passage about his difficulties in preventing funds from reaching jihadis in Syria — and obstruction by the civil service:”

    There’s also a bit about how the blocked him getting scanners in to prison to reduce drugs etc – the unions wouldn’t accept it.

    Real Yes, Minister stuff.

  4. That IS what worries me about the Gaza fuss, jgh. I keep expecting them to say they’re going to dump all the Palestinians on US!!!!

  5. Interesting extract BiND. I don’t have much time for Stewart (to say the least) but that extract is a testament to the malign uselessness of the civil service. And of course the unions are hand in glove. In the old days they used their power to get rid of government they didn’t like. Now, they can simply run the state as they see fit.

  6. BiND,

    Where’s the bit where Stewart asks who does have the authority to change it? Someone did that, so who is it? And who is their boss?

    If this was approved by the foreign secretary, if it’s outside Rory’s remit, all the civil servant is doing is telling him how things are. Like my role as a software guy is restrained by my superiors and there are bureaucrats working for my superiors who do the restraining. Like, I can’t normally do a release on a Friday and that’s a sensible rule. But sometimes, it has to happen. So, I go to my superiors direct, explain the situation and they tell the bureaucrat to let it happen. Neither I nor the bureaucrat has any animosity towards one another. We’re both doing our jobs.

    I’ve worked for a couple of councils, the home office, department of education, and I’ve rarely met people who care that much about what they’re told to do. People have this idea that they’re Dave Sparts but mostly they’re just people who want to make as much money as possible doing as little work as possible.

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