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Delightful naming

says NYU professor of sexuality Zhana Vrangalova.

10 thoughts on “Delightful naming”

  1. It’s funny how those articles overanalyse this stuff, and Get It Wrong….

    I know of/am acquainted with …..five-ish.. of those … Complicated Arrangements.

    None of those seem to have a “single d*ck”… The guys involved would wish
    Most of the girls into that particular excercise, as far as I’ve seen this develop over the past two decades, seem to have one guy for xxx, one guy for cuddles/security/off days.

    Not my style, quite often Drama Llamas, but the core groups seem to be stable-ish. No more or less than your average modern marriage.
    Bit Heinlein-ish, really. Except far, far less kids.

    But that Single D*ck? Anecdotal, but …. nope?

  2. Good god, that was 20 seconds I won’t get back. What a word salad. “Many vulvas”? It’s not the vulva that’s the important piece in sex, it’s the vagina. And people aren’t *sexually* attracted to other people by their gender, but by their – duh – *SEX*. That’s why it’s called *SEX*ual attraction.

  3. However, the remarks drew fury from some on social media, including former chief prosecutor Nazir Afzal,

    How niggardly of him.

  4. Not far OT but I think this needs attention.
    Sunak is a bully, says Belgium’s trans deputy prime minister
    Petra De Sutter, world’s first transgender cabinet minister, says PM’s remarks on gender at Tory conference ‘fuelling transphobia’

    Not the pervert’s opinions. We’ve become all too used to this whining drivel. It hardly needs discussing further. But the photo. It’s undoubtedly a syrup, isn’t it? Probably as bald as a coot underneath that.

  5. BiS – I was more shocked that the chocolate-guzzling nonces had a bloke in a frock as deputy PM. The UK will be getting off relatively lightly with Rayner next year.

  6. @BiS – with you on the syrup. But what about:

    Ms De Sutter, 60, is a member of the Green party and became a deputy prime minister in the coalition government in 2020. The former MEP was a doctor and gynaecology professor before becoming a politician.

    I dunno if he’s still intact under the dress, but you might think a gynaecology prof might know better.

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