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Difficult description

Police are hunting for a litter picker after a drugs haul washed up on an Isle of Wight beach.

Holdalls containing hundreds of kilos of powder were found by litter pickers near St Catherine’s Lighthouse, on the southernmost tip of the island, on Saturday.

The haul comes after a fisherman discovered others in the sea off St Aldhelm’s Point and Durdle Door in Purbeck, Dorset, on Oct 2.

But police are now trying to track down a member of one litter-picking group who might have knowledge of Saturday’s discovery.

‘We would ask him to get in touch’
Stuart Murray, the Hampshire and Isle of Wight assistant chief constable, said: “There is a member of the litter-picking group, a man in his 60s, who we want to make contact with, as we continue to speak with everyone in the vicinity, and we would ask him to get in touch with us.

“He is of slim build, around 5ft 6in tall and had short grey hair, with a birthmark on the right side of his mouth.

“Possibly sniffing a lot, eyeballs revolving in different directions and incoherent. He could be difficult to recognise

7 thoughts on “Difficult description”

  1. Sounds like a pretty good way to smuggle drugs. Join a litter picking group, get involved, help out on the beach for a couple of months, then start getting the drugs coming to the shore. You go out with your bin bag and your picking stick early one morning, pick up the crisp packets, abandoned portable BBQs and also some black plastic packets. Stick it all in your bag and go home with it.

    Anyone sees you and you’re old Jed who volunteers, no-one thinks anything suspicious of it.

  2. Tracey Lake, an NCA senior investigating officer, said: “We believe this a significant amount of Class A drugs which would have originated in South America.

    “A loss of a consignment of this size would represent a significant hit to the criminal networks involved.”

    A tacit admission that human error on the part of the smugglers is more effective than law enforcement.

  3. If he’s smart tho, he’ll make himself as scarce as the Conservatives’ “Baroness Warsi” has been since Saturday.

  4. He’s taken it home, left it on the kitchen table and his wife is now puzzling why her Victoria Sponge hasn’t risen.

  5. Funny.

    When a member of The Enrichment murders someone the description of the wanted person is often extremely light on, er, description, and often it’s only by waiting to find out who gets jailed that the truth comes out.

    When the police actually want to catch someone it’s all there down to the fucking birthmarks.

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