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D’Ye think we could get Argentina to invade London, not Stanley?

His supporters listen rapt as Javier Milei, a self-described “anarcho-capitalist” and Tantric sex expert – and now surprise frontrunner in Argentina’s presidential elections – vows to take a “chainsaw” to the “parasitic” state.

An Anglophile with an Austin Powers haircut and outsize sideburns who once fronted a Rolling Stones tribute band, Mr Milei revels in the crowd’s adulation, frenetically waving his arms like a conductor in time with the chant. “We are going to kick them in the arse, straight out of office,” he shouts.

Righteous arse kicking would improve British politics no end…..

8 thoughts on “D’Ye think we could get Argentina to invade London, not Stanley?”

  1. Whereas I agree that some righteous arse kicking in Westminster would be a good thing, I regard “Tantric sex expert” as a definite no-no. We don’t want anybody that’s in any way like Sting involved in UK politics.

  2. You definitely have a point Arthur.

    Being a reactionary old bastard, I’m not really into tantric sex myself.

  3. Even if elected, Mr Milei’s enthusiasm will still come up against the establishment (“deep state”). In a land where he won’t just be leaked against, he will likely physically leak.

  4. But we know that ‘draining the swamp’ is a much tougher task and more dangerous than expected. Tou will have to manage the risk of ending up with a congregation of dry, angry, alligators.

  5. If I remember rightly, tantric sex is putting a great deal of work into not actually getting anywhere. So we should all be pretty familiar with that.

  6. I’ve been trying to get Lady Jackfield interested in tantric shopping… The idea is that you go in and out of shops all day without buying anything.

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