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EU heavyweight

Frans Timmermans, the former EU heavyweight who has returned to Dutch politics to fight the country’s election in November, has called for the European left to unite against the right’s “astonishing” climate backlash.

This is like being tall for a dwarf, right?

15 thoughts on “EU heavyweight”

  1. Politicians should stop worrying about climate change, and start worrying about what their constituents are going to do when they catch them.

  2. What’s the difference between

    – The Radical Right
    – The Far Right
    – The Extreme Right
    – The Hard Right

    Is it some kind of ‘People’s Front of Judea’ set-up?

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    He looks like he could do with losing a few more kilos before he could be called a former heavyweight.

  4. Is it possible that a majority of ordinary people have finally realised that the climate changes all on its own and that no amount of wind turbines is going to change that?

  5. BiND, Yes.. people who don’t like Timmermans are known to point out that the EU trough must have been very good. A certain song by Genesis featuring “do as I say, don’t do as I do.” may pop up here and there as well.

    Otto, I am of the opinion that mr. Timmermans should succeed in his Mission to become Prime Minister, and gets to push his Agenda.
    Simply because the only cure for the Madness is giving We, the People a good taste of what they don’t want.
    Which regarding Timmermans and his Holier Than Thou plans means the country grinding to a halt, because nothing would be possible because of CO2 and Nitrogen issues alone.

    And people will Get A Taste… The Big Things are more long-term, but people will notice things immediately in the Little Things.
    Can’t do renovations /small projects because CO2 and Nitrogen “evaluations” are so expensive people simply can’t afford the extra costs for the permits.
    The same “evaluations” will almost instantly kill off most, if not all, small and medium outdoor events. Only the Big Ones can afford to toss roughly €10.000 to the wind to get a permit, and carry the cost of all the Mitigating Measures that are even then required.
    Indoor events.. will probably kill off more than half, because the venues will have to Comply, and will pass on those costs.
    And you’re not talking just music/foodtruck festivals.. Week/farmers’ markets, hobby conventions, flea markets, neighbourhood parties… All that stuff will be either Verboten, or too expensive to even start organising.
    With new EU-mandated restrictions, wrangled by the Man Himself…, coming in on Jan 1st, there’s already a fair amount of small organisors hedging their bets for 2024, and some have simply thrown in the towel already.
    What Timmermans plans will be worse. Interesting Times… And that’s just for events.. Stuff I’m hip-deep in and know stuff about.

    Let Timmermans have his way… The two, maybe three years he’d be able to run things won’t kill us.
    It will, however, show people what they really, really don’t want.

  6. Martin: Thermidor is the only thing less punctual that the most ineptly managed monoply mass transit system imaginable.

  7. Grikath

    Your depiction of his policies leads me to my usual comment, ‘Crucify him!!!’

    Though if your suggestion of a Thermidorian Reaction comes true Alan, I’d not complain about the use of the guillotine.

  8. BB, that would only make him a Martyr for the Cause…

    As always, we won’t know the Answer until November 2..4-ish, but current polling trends has him swinging a large opposition block, but nothing else.

    All the big numbers he needs to form a government either do not agree with his Europhile nature, are dead against his Best Boy In Class attempt regarding Environment and Climate, or simply refuse to work with him outright.
    Even if he does manage to somehow convince other parties to join his Banner, you’re talking a 6-8 party coalition to make up the necessary seats. Barely.
    With heavily conflicting interests… Including parties that have flat-out stated that their “natural place” is in the Opposition, and not in the Cabinet.
    Not a good way to build something solid enough to last an election period.

    As-is… Despite the “huge” number of political parties, you can clearly see there’s a …crystallisation of sentiments.. going on regarding some pretty crucial issues.
    And most of that crystallisation is against the Old Boys’ Eurocentric Comptroller scene that Timmermans ultimately represents.

  9. Funnily enough Grikath, I spoke to my brother ladt night. He lives in East Clogland and was really angry that Timmermans has had the brass neck to return and fight the election. Like our own beloved Kinnock, Frans stuffed himself at the EU trough and he can treat politics as a hobby, because he can rely on his pension to keep him in foie gras for the rest of his life.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset


    It will be interesting to see if you follow the recent trend. The Greens, SDP & Linke got quite a drubbing in Hessen with a lot of their voters switching to the AfD. Not quite the same in more conservative Bavaria where even the CSU lost to the AFD. I didn’t follow the Luxembourg election closely but see the greens and left took a big hit there as well.

  11. Your brother is right in his anger, Otto. And right in his opinion that ordinarily Timmermans could easily have been in Foie Gras for the rest of his life.

    This is not, however, what this particular example of Politician is after. He’s still very much ambitious and aims for Higher Things.
    My guess is he ultimately wants to shoot for the Ultimate Trough: the UN.
    His…. interference…. in our elections is merely the first of the steps to accomplish that goal.
    Be Seen to be a Force in the Home Front.
    Unite the Warring Factions under one Convenient Blanket.
    Show His Dedication to the Gaian Religion.
    Show His Undying Loyalty to the Globalists.
    (Last two can be done from any position. He does not necessarily need to win the election…)
    Get Proposed to be Promoted Away when a Position is up.

    The guy is an even bigger cretin than your brother takes him for…

  12. Tillerman* certainly appears to be a cretin, Grikath, but he’s considerably richer than yow (and me, sadly).

    * showing my age, there 🙂

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