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From a press release

Elle Brooke Interview:

Piers Morgan ‘doubled her earnings overnight’; Brooke confirms she was earning £30k a month before leaving Uni

In an exclusive interview with, influencer boxer and OnlyFans favourite Elle Brooke discusses how Piers Morgan doubled her earnings overnight.

Brooke admits she was earning £30,000 a week before she left university and Morgan has now left her contemplating whether she should buy one Ferrari or several.

Who? What?

And we’re supposed to believe some bird who doesn’t know the ddifference between £30k a month and £120k a month?

15 thoughts on “From a press release”

  1. Isn’t she a bit old for that sort of thing ?

    Always an admirer. “Pearl’s a Singer”, that’s my favourite one by her.

  2. Siri, What is a Thot?

    Mind you whether it’s weekly or monthly she still earns a shedload more than us, for now at least.

  3. I always preferred Vinegar Joe.

    To nip the nasty rumours in the bud, that was the band that the lady Ottokring is referring to before she went solo – but I think his tongue is very firmly in his cheek…

  4. Gods.. that played early June, as a quick googol run revealed.

    And I have no doubt her shutting up Morgan Pierce and smacking him off his high horse would have given her plenty of exposure that seems to have stuck. It’s OnlyFans , after all. It runs on this kind of stuff.

    As for tax and amounts.. The lady in question is smart enough to deliberately obfuscate how much she actually earns from her activities. Directly and indirectly. As you should when it comes to snoopy Journalists.
    But given that she’s indeed ranked in the top 0.1% on Onlyfans… It is Significant.
    And no doubt she’s retaining a specialist to deal with all that Tax Stuff.

    She’s not stupid, she’s very much Flipping the Finger at busybodies and pearl clutchers doing what she likes as long as it lasts.
    Can’t really blame her.

  5. Fun fact, a ruling in February this year means that OnlyFans has to charge VAT.

    Similarly to Uber, they tried to argue that their workers were independent, and that they should only be charged VAT on OnlyFans’ 20% platform fee. The courts all disagreed.

  6. Always an admirer. “Pearl’s a Singer”, that’s my favourite one by her.

    Her voice stirs my hormones still. Having seen her live I was surprised how small she is.

  7. I know that earnings on onlyskanks are concentrated amongst the top skanks but the numbers quoted always seem a bit unlikely. It’s all part of the marketing I guess.

    Googled this one. Can’t see why anyone would pay to see her get her kit off.

  8. On my Instagram feed, amongst the battleships, jets and Gerry Anderson stuff is the occasional young lady .

    One that crops up a lot for some algorithmic reason is a German girl with circa 200k followers. Her Patreon charges eye watering amounts for VIP access but proclaims “No nudes or lingerie.”

    Well sorry, darling but what’s the point then ?

    PS she’d be pretty with a decent haircut, otherwise really not worth paying for.

  9. @Otto,
    Her Patreon wouldn’t.. The Woke Police are active there.
    Only “Glamour” or drawings of a very limited Adult Nature allowed there..

    Of course… Nothing stops her from disclosing limited-time Private Access Codes to her actual content elsewhere to Patrons..

    The way rule 34 is monetised on the internet is a fascinating study in creativity.. 😉

  10. we’re supposed to believe some bird who doesn’t know the difference between £30k a month and £120k a month?
    No doubt the incompetence of scribblers, but I imagine this is pretty common amongst internet totty. There’s a girl I know been doing OnlyFans & saying how much she’s making out of it. I’ve actually looked at her account. She once made 800 bucks in a week. Her average is between 100 & 200. But to her, she’s “worth” 800. So she’s simultaneously reasonably comfortable & totally skint. And can’t work out why.
    So the 30k & 120k could both be true for her value of true, depending on the context she was saying it.
    I think this can remarkably common amongst people who do certain sorts of casual type work. Psychological thing. They value themselves by what they make, so preferentially remember the good times & forget the not so. Quite often they’d do better to get a proper job. But the guaranteed x/week doesn’t produce the same psychological result.
    Somebody should write an economics paper about it.

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