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Glorious, innit?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we need a new pro-people economic policy. We have had policy for bankers and big business for forty years now. It has failed. This new policy starts with low interest rates.

And the government needs to spend more, not least on employing more people to provide the essential services that the UK once enjoyed, but now lacks. And they need decent pay.

Then we need to invest more. We have no choice. Not only is the infrastructure of this country worn out due to neoliberal neglect, we also need to become sustainable and we are a long way from that as yet.

As a result we need to accept that the richest in this country will need to pay a lot more tax. If we are to reverse decline that has to happen.

My contribution is the Taxing Wealth Report. It shows that raising the required tax is possible, with ease.

We need more investment therefore we should lower interest rates – reducing the amount of savings done to finance investing – plus nick all the money off people who invest through higher taxation.

Yes, that’ll provide the correct incentives, won’t it?

Note what he doesn’t suggest – that his pensions savings, currently all in cash, be invested in anything….

10 thoughts on “Glorious, innit?”

  1. As my Cypriot friends used to say to me:

    ‘You can’t trust a Turk’

    Clearly his stint as economic adviser to President Erdogan hasn’t yielded the dividend he was after.

    I am guessing he asked for a daily rate of a couple of thousand not realising he’d be paid in Lira rather than Sterling. Certainly I wouldn’t even pay 2000 TRY for his ‘Taxing Wealth’ report which it is suggested won’t actually raise a single penny and might be a net cost to the Exchequer

  2. Martin Near The M25

    “the essential services that the UK once enjoyed, but now lacks”

    Name one. The state gets bigger every year.

  3. What we really need is the handing out of some incentive-changing punishment for the Covid response fiasco. The hanging of Bojo, Hancock, Starmer and the cast of medical chumps who appeared at Bojo’s endless press conferences would be a good start – and the Astrologer-Royal – but wouldn’t save the taxpayer much money. Even adding a couple of dozen anonymous senior civil servants wouldn’t save much more. Ditto hanging the leaders of the schoolteachers unions and the BMA.

    So I suggest a real money-saver. All doctors who practised in the UK, save for a handful who can demonstrate their innocence, will lose their pensions. Every penny. Anyone who worked in the Dept of Health or was an NHS manager, ditto.

    All schoolteachers who took part in the inaction will lose three years of pension rights.

    What else? Chief constables and police constables ditto: pensions hammered. The rulers of the Universities – again, bye-bye pensions.

    Everyone else who had a complete employment performance record during the fiasco will get an ex-gratia £1,000 from the taxpayers. Not pensioners, mind: actual employed and self-employed people.

    No doubt more could be saved if attention were also focussed on local government employees, MPs, MSPs, and sundry other scoundrels.

  4. “My contribution is the Taxing Wealth Report.”

    A cut and paste collection of ideas he’s been droning on about for decades, cobbled together to justify the grants he leached off of a couple of gullible/stupid charities.

  5. Martin Near The M25

    I think he means the “Taxing Other People’s Wealth, Not Mine, Definitely Not Me!” Report.

  6. From a 2014 report in the National archives

    Employees aged 21 in 1995 earned 40% more after adjusting for inflation by the age of 39 than those aged 21 in 1975 did up to the age of 39

    Whatever the policy was that Murphy is complaining about , we want more of it.

  7. Shooting fish in a barrel, or perhaps peeling potatoes for chips in a saucepan, it’s just absurdly easily to find fault with Murphy’s pompous and back-to-front assertions. And yet, he has many deluded followers.
    Does he mislead these sheeple with malice, or is he just a false prophet, easily seen-through by even the simple-minded?
    Consider: if there wasn’t a cretinous fool like Murphy giving false advice to Twitterers, perhaps another even worse moron would take his place. So we should be content with the moron we have: there are probably worse ones waiting out there.

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