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Susan Hall, the Conservative candidate for mayor of London, faces fresh calls to step down after a new poll found that two-thirds of Londoners believed her social media activity to be racist.

Days after Hall received Rishi Sunak’s backing, most London residents said the apparent views of the 68-year-old failed to “fairly represent” the city’s vast diverse population.

So, let’s have the vote and see. That is what democracy is about, no? The voters get what the voters vote for?

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  1. This isn’t really a call for her to stand down, though. It’s a cynical attempt to make sure that floating voters who don’t want to think of themselves as racist vote for her opponents. They’d love her to stand.

  2. Research conducted by Hope Not Hate

    I mean really, do they pump the narcotics through the air conditioning at Guardian’s offices ?

  3. The poll, commissioned by anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate, found that three-quarters of Londoners do not believe that a London mayoral candidate who likes racist and Islamophobic comments can fairly represent all Londoners if elected.

    Whereas a left-wing Moslem PoC can fairly represent a population that is still a white majority (and no, I don’t believe that three-quarters figure).

  4. @asiaseen, Oh, I fully believe this particular outfit got those results on their poll…

    Whether the actual question(s) in that poll , or the group of people sampled, are in any way representative for London is quite another matter.
    The Guardian is good at getting fringe opinion groups have a “poll”, and present that as Ungarnished, Researched Truth.
    Easy shoe-in as well, given the extremely expanded definition of “racism” and/or “islamophobia” ( amongst others) they use over there.

  5. So she must be dragged before the courts like Trump for her horrid wrong-think.

    But from the policies quoted, I thought she’d win for sure until I read the last of sentence of the article.

    But I certainly agree with you Tim. A democratic vote to determine whether the Londoners are as depraved as me is the best way to sort it out.

  6. Sam Vara,

    No. I think this is about getting the Conservatives to swap her out, or to avoid being seen with her, or to reduce resources.

    If I didn’t want a Tory standing in a seat, this is what I’d do, because it’s the sort of thing that the Conservatives would panic about. They’re a party with no clue as to who votes for them, or why, so are easily swayed by the media. There is polling research about what Conservative voters care about and they care about immigration, they don’t care much about Net Zero.

    Like I remember Cameron doing a couple of pieces for the Guardian. Which is like getting a tranny in to market Budweiser.

  7. When approached to respond to the results of the poll, a spokesperson for Hall said: “Susan is proud to celebrate London’s diverse communities

    Why does everyone lie so shamelessly these days?

  8. Have you ever seen a “diverse community” and thought “yeah, this is great”?

    Is that something people do?

  9. Would these be the diverse communities that are openly celebrating the attack on Israel and are the reason the London mayor had to tweet about rises in hate crime etc

  10. As Mark (Longrider) pointed out – Hope Not Hate are racists with a proven record of racism. Why anyone would pay heed to them is a mystery? No doubt the Tories will fold to the pressure..

  11. Steve

    I quite enjoyed the Coke commercials from the Early 70s?

    ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing…’

  12. Polls are used and abused to give a veneer of popular support to totalitarian policies – see Michael Gove on pretty much everything. Meanwhile, I would like to see a constant repetition of celebrating a multi ethnic British culture, not a multi cultural Britain.

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