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If at first, then try again

Ministers should cap domestic sugar production to tackle Britain’s obesity crisis, according to a new report backed by health experts and environmental campaigners.

The UK grows and imports more than two and a half times the population’s maximum recommended intake of sugar, according to Sugar Pollution, a report by environmental campaigners Feedback Global and Action on Sugar, a group of specialists in medicine, nutrition and public health.

Insisting that everyone change the recipes so that they have less sugar in them didn;t work. Many of those low sugar versions are now redundant – not enough people bought them for their viability.

So, now, as the true fanatics, they demand another way to impose their desires upon the population.

What this will really mean – of course- is that much food production will move offshore. Limiting raw sugar supply will raise the price of raw sugar. So, people who use raw sugar in making things will do so elsewhere and then import the product. Mars bars will be made in Holland – to the extent that they’re not already. Just like Lifesavers are made in Canada.

They will then demand bans on hte import of things containing sugar. Of course they will. And so it will come that smuggling Mars Bars is a valid and profitable occupation. Bags of pure white available on street corners – Nah mate, the demerara, that’s specialist gear, innit? Be 10 minutes to get some.

20 thoughts on “If at first, then try again”

  1. Related health fanatic insanity….. Have you seen Chris Snowdons’ post regarding minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol in Jockland?

    A 40% increase in road traffic fatalities since the introduction of MUP so the answer must be to increase the MUP for alcohol.

  2. Feed Back’s website claims they “challenge power, catalyse action and empower people to achieve positive change.”

    Empowering people by making their choices illegal, that is.

    If you’ve read anything about Pol Pot there’s no need to waste time by investigating them further.

  3. experts say

    Experts got your daughter raped by vibrants and killed your Mum to prevent Covid. Now they’re back for your dinner.

    backed by health experts and environmental campaigners … Feedback Global and Action on Sugar

    ‘Feedback Global’:

    We challenge power, catalyse action and empower people to achieve positive change

    Translation: we campaign for the actions Power wants done to you.

    We have established a strong reputation as both an expert voice and practical actor on circular food systems

    You will subsist off tasty garden worms and rainwater.

    To move towards a food system that nourishes both people and our planet will require significant changes to our food culture, the food economy and its governance

    Most of you won’t survive this Just Transition.

    Anti-Oppression Statement: Feedback is an organisation actively seeking to move through an anti-racist and anti-oppressive journey in every aspect of its work.

    We’ll call you racist while you’re dying of hunger.

    All Rights Reserved Global Feedback Ltd 2023 Registered Charity Number 1155064

    Starving the British population is now a charitable purpose approved by the British government.

  4. What about all the people, myself included, who are not obese? What about people who do physically demanding jobs? What justification do these wannabe tyrants have for including us all in their one size fits all scheme? People who go in for this kind of thing have a severe personality disorder. Their organisations need to be defunded so that they all have to get real jobs.

  5. What justification do these wannabe tyrants have for including us all in their one size fits all scheme?

    See above. They want to kill you for the environment.

    My wife is always accusing me of being rhetorically dramatical, so allow me to clarify precisely what I mean without any fanfare or flourish:

    They want to kill you for the environment.

    Now, you can debate that, sure. But they’re not debating. A “circular food system” means grinding poverty and pyramids of grinning skulls, but then so does Net Zero.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    I used to enjoy a can of pop after I’d been on my cross trainer in summer, but they are now so disgusting I have a can of beer instead if I haven’t got anything from abroad ↓.

    Pop has now joined wine and beer as something to bring back from our motorhome trips abroad. When we came back from Ireland we brought back a case of Rock Shandy (orange and lemonade) very nice and we wished we’d brought back more. From Germany its Radler and Mezzo Mix.

  7. ’What justification do these wannabe tyrants have for including us all in their one size fits all scheme?’

    The age-old justification CS Lewis warned us about, Stony…

  8. Agree BiND – I’ve bought more Vimto cordial this year, you can dilute to taste. The cans are ok (just under 5g/100ml sugar i think) but it’s not as great as a pick-up after a run as it used to be.
    I expect that other drinks are also like this.

  9. We were delighted to launch a major new three-year projeot comprising partners in Britain, the EV, and West Africa
    aimed at securing legislative and policy change to protect ecosystems and support food sovereignty of West African
    communities and nations.
    We also brought a legal challenge against the Government for lack of proposals to cut meat and dairy in the food
    strategy, arguing it breaks laws, including the Climate Change Act.

    The CCA really has to be repealed. It’s led to nuisance judicial reviews of anything the government does, and now it’s leading to judicial reviews of what it isn’t doing.

    The institutional funders of Feedback in 2021/2022 were:
    ~ Brighton & Hove Food Partnership
    ~ Anonymous
    ~ Sussex Community Foundation
    ~ Bristol Estate Leaseholders
    ~ Green Hall Foundation
    ~ Brighton & Hove City Council
    ~ DWP Kickstart Scheme
    Lady Eda Jardine Charitable Trust
    ~ Oak Foundation
    ~ The Kestrelman Trust
    ~ Friends Provident Foundation
    ~ The Moondance Foundation
    ~ Livv Housing Group
    ~ Feeding Liverpool
    ~ Heart of Bucks
    ~ The Waterloo Foundation
    ~ The Rothschild Foundation
    ~ The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
    ~ Wildlife Trusts
    ~ Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
    ~ Botanic Gardens Conservation International
    ~ WWF
    ~ Minor Foundation for Major Challenges
    ~ Landworker’s Alliance
    ~ National Lottery Community Fund
    ~ Oceans 5, a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Institute for Governance and Sustainable
    ~ Feedback EU

    While it’s cruel to bet on bankruptcies, I can’t see Brighton Council surviving.

  10. I really do not see the connection between sugar & obesity. People are obese because they’re fat bastards. They have poor self control over the amount they eat. What’s that got to do with sugar? If you’re a fat bastard, don’t eat it.

  11. They have poor self control over the amount they eat.

    But it’s never their fault! The government must stop them pushing cakes into their faces.

  12. Martin Near The M25

    “Ministers should cap domestic sugar production”

    I’d cap the production of stupid reports by grasping lefties. I think around zero would be the right level.

  13. I can only agree with you, BiS. If you’re too fat, eat less.

    But no doubt the whingers are really saying that you look too fat to me, so I want legislation to improve the view.

  14. @BiND (WTF’s a cross trainer?) & Bongo
    That’s what I use sugar for. When I’ve used a lot of energy. No doubt my system will metabolise what ever fat I have eventually, but there’s going to be a time lag which I don’t have time for. So sugar’s a bit of instant energy. And you’re correct. They’ve taken so much sugar out of products, what used to do the job, doesn’t any more.

  15. Sugar and other carbohydrates are available in all fruit, most other plant matter – grains, pulses, vegetables, dairy.

    The body doesn’t make a distinction between carbohydrates, they all get treated the same and end up as stored glucose in glycogen, if not used immediately as an energy source, then stored in muscle tissue, the liver and fatty tissue.

    The following all have the same thing in common: obesity; Covid; climate – they are not crises, but all confected dramas to serve various interests including power, control, status, wealth.

  16. This makes no economic sense. If you live long enough you become a net burden on the State. So it is in the interests of Them to see you die relatively young, and obesity is one way of doing it.

  17. Growing sugar (beet) in the Europe was always a mad scheme, dreamt up when the EU was all out for autarky. Far more efficient (from every point of view) to grow sugar cane in the tropics.

    Lifesavers are made in Canada? How is this compatible with their fanatical enthusiasm for euthanasia?

    Unherd tells me that over 4% of all deaths in Canada now take place under their MAiD (for some reason they eschewed the correct acronym MAD) euthanasia scheme.

  18. @ Chris Miller
    Except that growing sugar beet in Europe was the response of Napoleon’s sidekicks to Nelson & co blocking the import of sugar from the West Indies to the bits of Europe occupied by Boney’s armies; that predated the EU by more than a century. The EU subsidies for sugar beet were part of the EU bribes to farmers to support pro-EU parties.
    Certainly they made no economic sense.

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