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I’ll have one of those then

The Born is based on the Volkswagen Group MEB platform and has been manufactured at the same plant in Zwickau, Germany, as the MEB-based Volkswagen ID.

Zwickau’s where they used to make Trabbies, isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “I’ll have one of those then”

  1. Is that the plant where VW scammed the German govt ? One of them out East. VW took a massive subsidy with the understanding that they were going to create hundreds of jobs and filled it with robots instead.

  2. OT

    Any views on Lightning strike causes large gas tank explosion in Oxfordshire

    Doesn’t add up

    Planes, cars don’t explode when struck by lightning, nor do gas, oil tanks

    Something else to blame eg large leak which are common in “green” bio-gas production digestor systems

  3. Pcar

    Just reading about the dreadful bus crash near Venice last night. Bus skidded off of a bridge and onto a railway teack, hitting powerlines on the way. Powered by natural gas the bus burst into flames.

    Ooh nasty.

  4. Volkswagen Cupra Born. Name possibly chosen for its membership of the word cloud of Woke. Not chosen for its membership of the word cloud of Death, Mortality, Norwegian Blue Parrot…

  5. Powered by natural gas the bus burst into flames.
    It’s an inherent property of the fuel. Liquid hydrocarbons are non-inflammable. They’re only flammable as vapours, or in the case of diesels, as small droplets at high pressures. So any liquid hydrocarbon fire is limited by its access to oxygen. They can only burn at the liquid/air interface.
    LPG’s a gas liquefied under pressure. Puncture the pressure vessel & it returns to being a gas. So it’s all interface.
    It’s going to be interesting when liquid hydrogen with the much higher pressures becomes common. Although I can’t say I’ll be personally interested & intend on standing well back.

  6. pcar
    It does seem odd that there is no one in Severn Trent or their insurers who has enough down to earth common sense to install a lightning conductor to protect a tank of explosive gas. Given that this is not the first time it’s happened it’s doubtful if lessons will be learned. They’ll probably insist that pronouns are protection enough.

  7. Back in the days of town gas (carbon monoxide, hydrogen and nitrogen) stored in gasometers (huge 50m across 10m high tanks at normal pressure) explosions were common. Usually due to pipeline leaks but sometimes the whole gasometer

  8. town gas (carbon monoxide, hydrogen and nitrogen)
    I somehow doubt the nitrogen, except in trace amounts. There’s nothing in the manufacturing process produces nitrogen.

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