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Just a thought

Fathers in the Nordic countries are unique, spending probably more time with their children in their early years than almost anywhere in the world. In Sweden, fathers were first entitled to parental leave in 1974. After sluggish uptake in the first two decades, today a clear majority of all men and women in Sweden believe that parental leave should be split equally between both parents.

Sweden’s family-friendly policies are among the best in the world, but only a small proportion of parents actually divide their available leave time at home equally. Fathers take about a third of the total parental benefits and the lion’s share of that is claimed by the university-educated middle class.

“Best” apparently means something people don;t do.

17 thoughts on “Just a thought”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Mrs BiND has always maintained that most women despite what they say before birth don’t trust their husbands with a newborn. Things comes up, between us, because our DiL is adamant they’ll be sharing any child care equally from the start should they have children.

  2. Fathers in the Nordic countries are unique, spending probably more time with their children in their early years than almost anywhere in the world.

    Well you’d have to, if you want to stop the migrants from raping them.

  3. As a young-ish (very early twenties) Dad, doing shift work when the rugrats were young was one of the things that I would not change for all the tea in China.

    It was wonderful growing up with them.

  4. In the small town where I was born my father fleetingly became a minor celebrity for being the first man seen pushing a pram in the streets.

    Ever progressive folk, Clan Dearieme. But then Dad always said “We are really Vikings”.

  5. Fathers in the Nordic countries are unique, spending probably more time with their children in their early years than almost anywhere in the world.
    I thought they were too busy hand grenading each other to be bothered with that nonsense, these days.

  6. OT, but I see BBC HQ had red paint adorning it this morning. BBC presenters not impressed. Makes a change from their gleeful unbiased reporting of other buildings being defaced. Maybe solidarity with the Palestinian cause doesn’t stretch that far.

  7. OT, but why are some of the most evil people in the world young, university educated, white women?

    Free Palestine: Why we say by any means necessary

    Following the assault on Israelis by the Palestinian resistance, there are those who say a violent fightback is never justified.

    Isabel Ringrose explains that the oppressed have a right to take up arms against their colonisers

    Uprisings against colonial rule are violent because violence is an inherent part of imperialism and colonialism.

    That’s why the resistance by Palestinians against the racist Israeli terror state is wholly justified. All the deaths, horrors and destruction—all of them—are rooted in violent Israeli occupation and dispossession

    Isabel Ringrose is an unattractive young Englishwoman who enjoys writing about the murder of Jews

  8. jgh – Unclear, but she doesn’t seem to mean the 100,000 indigenous English girls (that we know about, so far) who have been raped by gangs of Islamic colonists.

    However, there is still some good in this world. A Palestinian pizzeria owner (they have pizza joints in their “open air prisons”) thought it would be amusing to Photoshop a picture of an elderly Jewish grandmother who was kidnapped by Hamas into his pizza adverts.

    The IDF, God bless them, brought out their own spicy bantz and demolished his pizzeria in response.

    Hit the Hut. 🙂

  9. More good news:

    BBC journalists covering the attack on Israel were assaulted and held at gunpoint after they were stopped by police in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

    Muhannad Tutunji, Haitham Abudiab and their BBC Arabic team were driving to a hotel when their car was intercepted.

    They were dragged from the vehicle – marked “TV” in red tape – searched and pushed against a wall

    Wtf, I love Israel now? 😀

  10. The colonial rulers left in 1948

    1918 actually. The colonisers were the Ottomans, the Brits just ran it for a while to give some semblance of government and administration after the Ottomans were defeated. I guess Arthur Balfour had made that job a bit difficult towards the end.

    It’s notable how little history some of these commentators know.

  11. Some years ago, I was listening to the cricket from India and a lady wrote into TMS. She said that her husband was downstairs feeding their newborn son. She was so proud, because the littl’un was hearing his first England batting collapse.

  12. I was very much a hands on dad when my daughter was growing up and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

  13. If the Swedes do share looking after the little ones in ratio of 1:2, then they is a sight more than most of the world.

    I was a stay-home dad for our two children for six years. For all the bleating about it being unfair that women mostly bear that load, it was so cruisy. I definitely got the better part of the deal than my wife.

  14. Tractor Gent
    October 14, 2023 at 5:57 pm

    Must admit I do sympathise with Balfour. When you’re fighting for your life, you naturally tell those who might stab you in the back whatever you think will keep them quiet until you finish off the ones to your front.

    So the Brits offered a share of the loot to whoever might help them, or just do nothing. Balfour and his lot had to sort out the various promises post-war. And so the Jews got their share of Palestine. The Palestinians, from what little I know of the war, were happy to shoot British soldiers in the back. And indeed the Turks as well.

    The ones I think got too much were the Frogs. They’d dragged the British army into the mess on the Western Front and certainly didn’t give them much help in their war with Turkey.

  15. But of course we didn’t get any of the Middle East, dearieme.

    Though I’ll admit that the fact that we didn’t want any of it was just the exercise of common sense.

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