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Money Talks

Events, obviously vile. But money markets carry on. And Hub Cyber Security is having a ride.

So we’ve no more cyber attacks than normal. We have a terrorist attack, a large one, but it’s still the one attack. As we noted about the stock market more generally, the TA 35 was down 7 or 8% and has recovered a little since then. So why this wild movement in Hub Cyber stock? We think it’s simply that speculation. So, there *could* be more cyber attacks. And this is an Israeli cyber security company. So it will get much more business, right? Right? And that’s it. Once the rumour starts then so does the buying and we get a large momentum trade going. On the basis of no more than a slightly dodgy set of logic.

Quite so, quite so….

5 thoughts on “Money Talks”

  1. Dinghy manufacturers, obvs.

    After Israel solves their Hamas problem we’ll probably get another million “refugees” headed this way.

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