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No you don’t. Fuck off

Whole life sentences without parole to be applied retrospectively

You get tried, charged and sentenced under whatever the law is at the time of the alleged crime. No exceptions, ever.

Fuck off.

7 thoughts on “No you don’t. Fuck off”

  1. If Fishy wants to go all populist, why doesn’t he bring back hanging? Better still, the stocks and public humiliation for whoever is public enemy of the week.

  2. I don’t see why not. I mean, if they can pardon Turing et al ‘cos he broke the law existing at the time but we / most of us / some of us / a small group who shout loudly, are ‘progressive’ and so, in these modern, elightened times don’t think it should be or never should have been a crime, shirley it should apply the other way round?

  3. Never, Adolff…

    Very simply because retroactive pardons can benefit the politicians, and retroactive punishments could very well hurt them..

    Which is also why they’d never suggest stocks and public humiliation, let alone hangings, as philip did.
    They’re all too aware, especially with the current backstabbing culture in Whitehall, that they might well be next…

  4. I actually went and read the whole article. Nothing has actually changed. Judges are being told that — in a small subsection of murder cases — they should hand down a sentence that is already on the tariff.

    Plus, it’s not retrospective, it’s only for cases that have not been sentenced yet. If a sentence had already been handed down and it was then changed, that would be retrospective and I’d be with Tim on effing right off, but “Fines are already from £200 to £500, you ought to be looking more at the £500 end than £200” — nah, no problem with that.

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