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Amazon launches humanoid robots to do ‘mundane and repetitive’ tasks
Tech giant says the machines will ‘work collaboratively’ with warehouse workers, not replace them

Of course it will replace workers. And good thing too – the aim of all economic advance is to destroy jobs.

3 thoughts on “Nonsense”

  1. It’s a good thing we’re still importing over a million people a year to do the jobs British people and now immigrants won’t do.

  2. In fairness to Amazon it may well be that no Amazon workers are replaced. The workers who will lose their jobs will be the ones working for firms who do not use robots.

    That aside Tim is bang on the money (as usual).

  3. The most likely thing they’re probably thinking is that people get redeployed. You’ve got reliable, hard-working people, maybe you move them out of picking goods to something higher value.

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