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Not going to make much difference, is it?

Sam Bankman-Fried to testify in hopes of avoiding life in prison

Testify, shmestify, laddies’ goin’ down, no?

20 thoughts on “Not going to make much difference, is it?”

  1. It’s a jury trial needing unanimity, a somewhat complex (for the average jury) case of fraud and the prosecution have to prove intent. (Oh and it’s America.) It looks bad for Sam but …

  2. Is it a federal court? If so the family would all be pardoned before the next Presidential election. So it’s hardly worth finding him guilty is it? May as well pocket the cash on offer and find him not guilty.

  3. Hell, Teddy Kennedy killed a girl and what sentence did he serve?

    “a suspended sentence of two months in jail”

    God what shits that family were. I hope the bloke running for President takes after his maternal line.

  4. O/T

    Presumably the bbc et al can in future refer to anyone they don’t like as White Kants now that, in the least surprising news of the millennium, the term has been declared acceptable.

  5. I sneeze thricely – Plaque honouring the ‘first black Briton’ is removed after DNA analysis finds she was ‘most likely from Cyprus’

    It’s not just the DNA analysis, archaeologists also failed to find any evidence of excess bicycles when they excavated her front garden, innit.

  6. The plaque was placed in an east Sussex village by BBC Two as part of their 2016 Black and British series where they billed the woman as the earliest ‘black Briton’, claiming she was of African origin.

    However, subsequent DNA analysis has suggested the BBC programme’s claims were wrong, the Telegraph reported.

    Next you’ll be telling me that Mary, Queen of Scots’ court wasn’t actually filled with Pakistanis and Negroes.

    Does anyone still pay money for the Blacked Broadcasting Corporation, and should they be beaten with a rubber hose for being perverts?

  7. @Bloke in Pictland

    God what shits that family were.

    I always used to think that, and in many ways JFK was a bit of a scumbag.

    But I am reassessing both he and Bobby in light of recent developments.

    It looks increasingly likely they were topped because they had plans to break up the CIA and FBI – certainly RFK Jr and others are making a compelling case to that end.

    Teddy is a different matter obvs.

  8. Makes Dale Vincents’ “political donations” look a bit teensy weensy, but it does highlight the greater sophistication of UK corruption. You make the source compulsory by law.
    It makes it so much more respectable for the BBC, the NHS and of course, Sir Kneel will make it law that you have to make Mr Vincent even richer by paying him subsidies for trying his hardest to produce GREEN energy to help us save the planet.

  9. Given he hasn’t taken the usual US route of plea bargaining maybe he thinks he has a chance . A system whereby 98% of cases are settled by plea bargaining being called a justice system seems like another Orwellian use of language

  10. Is this a jury trial? And is there an appeal court above it which wouldn’t have a jury, just judges?

    If so one suspects he’ll be found guilty by actual people, but then let off by the appeal judges, who will be part of the Democrat Establishment and won’t want too much of a spot light turned on where all the money went.

  11. Steve, that’s no punishment: the Blacked Broadcasting Corporation (or Big Brother Crap as I know it) would enjoy the rubber hose treatment.

  12. @jim

    It’s a jury trial

    Quite good commentary on the Michael Lewis podcast

    Apparently the judge is a bit of a hanging judge so his sentence will have to be reduced on appeal after a suitable interlude

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