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Numbers eh, numbers

Police have wrongly labelled hundreds of suspected rapists as women, The Telegraph can reveal – despite the Home Secretary saying they should not do so.

Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act show for the first time the scale of police adopting the self-declared gender of alleged sex attackers.

Over the past four years, police forces have referred 260 “females” to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to consider a charge of rape.

A further 209 suspects have been recorded with an “unknown” sex, which is understood to include those who identify as non-binary. By law, rape can only be committed by a biological male.

That is also the number – assuming conviction – who would end up in women’s jails. Which is a trivial thing that never happens according to the activists, right?

13 thoughts on “Numbers eh, numbers”

  1. First you will be told that it’s not a problem and then when you present the numbers you will be accused of being obsessed.

  2. Here’s a variation that I haven’t seen before.

    In my wife’s new congregation there’s a big chap who wears a dress, wig, false tits and buttocks, and several millimetres of make-up which he sweats through. But instead of acting like the normal trannie “lay-deee”, he’s a swaggering bullshitter who comes across as a bad parody of a macho inadequate. Special forces (“I can’t really tell you, of course, but it was pretty important work and it left several people very unhappy…”) fast cars, heroic alcohol binges, etc.

    It’s obviously a growing area, but I think someone needs to publish a taxonomy to help elderly confused people like me.

  3. If accused trans women are legally women then they *cannot* be convicted of rape in England & Wales, given how that crime is defined. So legally-effective self-identification means rapists will need to volunteer to be convicted in future, unless the law of rape is redefined so that “female penises” count.

    I am beginning to suspect that we are in fact characters in some alien being’s video game and that the latest update has been programmed by someone on very interesting drugs.

  4. Hadn’t occurred to me that you could get away with rape by identifying as a woman!!!

    I can see why the number of trannies tends to increase. But I don’t think I could stand wearing those huge fake boobs. And I’d break my neck if I tried wearing high heels.

  5. If accused rapists want to volunteer for the emasculation option, that’s just fine by me. Otherwise, “nice try sunshine” and throw away the key.

  6. Sam

    It’s just taking the piss isn’t it? But if I tried doing something like that with a bit of boot polish, that’s completely different…..

  7. We don’t have self-identification in the UK, so no, they’re not going to end up women’s jails unless someone believes it to be appropriate. It’s curious that the prison system appears to have such little agency when it comes to dangerous or at risk prisoners.

    If it turns out a significant number of sexual offenders have gender issues, shouldn’t we actively make provision for them rather than sticking them in either womens or men’s jails? Not really different from provision for disability, mental health or other issues.

  8. Last time I checked, rape wasn’t defined as a sexual assualt by a man, but a sexual assault using a penis. If they have a penis, rape has occured, regardless of what’s in their head.

    And how on earth can they have people listed as “unknown sex”? Sex is easy to determine. Drop yer keks, hmmm… dunno, what’s that?

  9. @jgh

    The Sexual Offences Act 2003 defines rape as requiring that “he intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person (B) with his penis,”. In the language of legislation, “he” covers both men and women, so you are correct that a woman with a penis is just as legally capable of rape as a man.

    – “And how on earth can they have people listed as “unknown sex”? Sex is easy to determine. Drop yer keks, hmmm… dunno, what’s that?”

    Not always. For example, Caster Semenya was accused of being a man and it took considerable investigation and debate to confirm that she was a woman.

  10. As usual with apologists for tranny mentalists, you pick on a tiny proportion of unfortunates with genuine intersex conditions and try to argue that ‘discriminating’ against blokes in frocks going into the ladies is also discriminating against them. Some people are unfortunately amputees, that does not make the statement that “humans have two arms and two legs” incorrect or misleading.

  11. Some people keep asserting that a problem is trivial to solve by a universal rule. Then when you point out an exception, they go all “no true scotsman” and say it’s just an irrelevant exception. That means it’s a bad rule. It should no longer be defended. If there is a valid rule, it must be something else.

  12. “We can’t have any rules about who can use single sex facilities or participate in single sex activities because there are a vanishingly small number of people whose sex is difficult to identify by surface inspection “. As I said, mentalist. A bearded bloke in a frock is a man, whatever he thinks (or claims he thinks) he is.

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