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NZ v SA for the final then

Both we and Argentina are gonna get creamed. We’ve been flattered, a lot, by the draw.

So, guesses on the only match now in doubt?

Seriously, we’d need two red cards for them to have a chance, right?

15 thoughts on “NZ v SA for the final then”

  1. NZ have lost to Argentina without any need for red cards.

    What has to happen is Argentina gets lucky and gets a lead. Then it is all on.

  2. Well, SA has to recover from an incredibly tough game, which is in England’s favour. Boks might be playing with half an eye on the final too.
    And it’s knockout rugby, so anything can happen!

  3. I doubt if Smith will leave the bench before 60+ minutes by which time the match will probably be long gone. It’s not as if he saw much of the ball against Fiji and surely Borthwick won’t start him against a team that is far more likely to kick. His tackling against the behemoths would worry anyone.

    On the plus side the early tournament “zero head-contact” TMO zealotry seems to have subsided so at least we have a chance of keeping 15 on the pitch for most of the game.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I agree with John about Smith. If he starts it needs to be at 10 and get a seasoned FB at 15.

    That said, this is one of the few occasions I would play Farrell, even though he has a dodgy tackling technique, is he’s the better defender of the three 10s.

    Fortunately we’ve got a long standing dinner with some old friend from when we lived in the Chilterns booked and I don’t think the pub has a TV so I won’t have to spend the evening hiding behind my hands or the sofa.

  5. TMO zealotry seems to have subsided

    But still Etzebeth was yellow-carded yesterday for an accidental head clash – “got to get lower”, said the ref – Etzebeth is 6′ 7″ or so, he was bent half-double trying to tackle a much shorter man, who himself ducked into the tackle. How low was he supposed to go? Or was he supposed to just let the Frenchman past him?

    And I was amazed that Petti wasn’t given a red card in the Arg-Wal game: I think the ref got the decision absolutely right, but given all that’s gone on before, that was a real surprise.

  6. Farrell was lucky not to be sent off near the end for his deliberate knock-on.

    Indeed. After his best game for England since the last RWC.

    His gobbing off to the ref still annoys me. Between him and Kolisi (who is nearly as bad in that regard) next week’s ref is going to come off with a headache.

  7. @MC

    Well, SA has to recover from an incredibly tough game, which is in England’s favour. Boks might be playing with half an eye on the final too.

    Half their pack, their half backs and their fullback only played half a game, and we’d take any of them or any of their replacements over what we’ve got at the moment. I reckon they’ll be in better shape than England.

    My wife and I will be watching it with a couple of our mates, a Saffa vet and his wife.

    I can’t say I’m looking forward to it all that much.

    Mind you, weird things can happen in one off games – two or three Bokke might get red-carded for punching England players, for instance. We certainly have a lot of very punchable players.

  8. By the way, can we spare a thought for the eternal quarter-finalists, Ireland? Part of me feels sorry for them, but the other part of me is pissing myself.

  9. Heart breaking for Ireland and France, not often you see a charged down conversion .
    Farrell should have been yellow carded and reffing still seems very inconsistent to the point it affects games.

    Based on Sundays games the head contact call in the Wales games was definitely inconsistent, the commentators made a point that he wasn’t looking so wasn’t targeting, but that would be reckless play . Doesn’t really matter as on the weekends form a NZ v SA final seems inevitable though knockout rugby who knows

  10. I should have said this earlier!

    The charged down conversion was unusual enough but in nearly 60 years of watching rugby I have never seen a side take a mark and then opt for a scrum rather than a kick.

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