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Oh, right

Canada will legalize medically assisted dying for people who are addicted to drugs next spring, in a move some drug users and activists are calling “eugenics.”

The country’s medical assistance in dying (MAID) law, which first came into effect in 2016, will be expanded next March to give access to people whose sole medical condition is mental illness, which can include substance use disorders. Before the changes take place, however, a special parliamentary committee on MAID will regroup to scrutinize the rollout of the new regulations, according to the Toronto Star.

Anyone familiar with hte phrase “slippery slope”?

The other thought being, well, how long will it be before someone else gets to decide, not the individual?

36 thoughts on “Oh, right”

  1. Liverpool Care Pathway

    The other thought being, well, how long will it be before someone else gets to decide, not the individual?


  2. Who gets to decide? Umm.. as far as I can see two independent Assessors, and then the person in question.
    No doubt involving a lot of Paperwork.

    Honestly.. a truly suicidal druggie won’t jump through those hoops. There’s enough cheap stuff on the street that’ll make you go out with a Bang without ever bothering with all that hassle.
    Or, as all too often happens, signs out unexpectedly and presumably involuntary because of any of long list of risks that comes with drug abuse.

    And despite all the Shouting, it’s not even close to Eugenics.
    The people involved will generally already have put sprogs on this world, or never will anyway.
    Either too late for Eugenics, or something (human) Nature will take care of all by itself.

    Then again… It’s Vice… Only the Guardian offers more brainrot.

  3. What do Harry and Meghan have to say about this?
    Perhaps they are too busy organising their mercy dash to Gaza, where half the population is mad and the other half is being driven there.

  4. Theophrastus (2066)

    It’s social hygiene, not eugenics. And what’s so wrong with eugenics? Sterilising criminals (who breed more criminals) – but only with a police force, not given to genuflecting and inclusion, that enforces the law! – would make life much better for us all.

  5. Obviously certain truckers were mentally ill – why else would they stand up to one of the world’s most caring governments? A slippery slope indeed.

  6. Theophrastus…. Define “criminal”… Especially when it comes to matters of inheritance. I’m curious…

  7. You are mentally ill.
    No I’m not!
    Yes you are, arguing back is proof, hold still while I administer this injection.

  8. Theophrastus (2066)

    Criminals – those convicted of serious and repeated crimes requiring a jail sentence. They create dysfunctional ‘families’ that breed more criminals. Sterilisation is the only way to break the cycle.

    Line noise:
    No problem: I had a vasectomy long ago. With appropriate protocols, those convicted of serious and repeated crimes requiring a jail sentence could and should be sterilised.

    The liberals and libertarians want respect for nebulous ‘human rights’ – a weird derivation from a degenerate Christianity. Yet ‘rights’ exist only within a legal system. If you seriously and/or repeatedly transgress the law, then you are an outlaw – a concept that should be revived. Outlaws do not deserve the same legal rights as the law-abiding.

  9. “Who gets to decide? Umm.. as far as I can see two independent Assessors, and then the person in question.
    No doubt involving a lot of Paperwork.”

    Rather like getting an abortion was supposed only to be given when 2 doctors had both decreed the physical or mental health of the mother was at risk. Now its a rubber stamp, abortion on demand. The law is largely the same as it was 50+ years ago, just the people operating it behave as if it doesn’t exist and no-one ever calls them on it.

    Which is how these people work. get the principle over the line with all sorts of legal caveats and fine sounding words, which are then increasingly ignored over time until they have what they wanted in the first place, but would never have got if they’d been honest about it.

  10. “Outlaws do not deserve the same legal rights as the law-abiding.”

    Works great so long as I get to decide what the law is.

  11. Yes, Tim, they want to kill as many of us as possible.

    By assisted suicide, actual suicide, war, terrorism, crime, and ‘medical care’.

    Not unrelatedly, see your own comments in your Amazon automation story: ‘Of course it will replace workers. And good thing too – the aim of all economic advance is to destroy jobs.’

    Oh yeah good thing.

    What is the point of twenty million proles if there’s no fucking factory work for them? All they are is a threat. What does the devil do with idle hands? What does authoritarian filth do with threats?

    There’s no brave new world of different employment just over the horizon, cartwrights working for Rolls-Royce, here.

    It’s epochal, not generational.

    For those who give a shit:


    It might not be too late, but the hour draws near unless we wake more people up.

  12. A disabled veteran who had competed at world Paralympic events was complaining about problems with a wheelchair ramp where she lived and how it was impacting her quality of life by not being able to go out and the helpful government official asked her had she considered the assisted death program as an option

  13. Since the buggers are unlikely to breed the one thing it can’t be is “eugenics”. Ignorant tossers.

  14. @BniC

    Got a link to that story?
    Would love to read about it and share around, try to wake more people up.

  15. @Interested: nobody wants to hear it all I’m afraid. Its too frightening, so they will just pretend it doesn’t exist. To be honest I’m sure I’d be the same if I’d taken the vaccines. I wouldn’t want to face the fact I’d been at best incredibly naive and at worst monumentally stupid, and been conned by the authorities into taking part in a potentially life-threatening medical experiment, and now face starring in my own medical version of the Deer Hunter. I’d want to bury my head in the sand and call anyone who attempted to jolt me out of my ostrich impression every name under the sun to discredit them.

    Oddly enough I heard a few days ago about someone who has suddenly developed mesothelioma, but has never been anywhere near any asbestos. Now I have an idea how this happened………

    I’ve gone past the whole ‘OMG, this is a scandal of global proportions, heads must roll, wake up you idiots!’ attitude. There’s no point. For all the reasons above no-one wants to know, and all the authorities are complicit either by accident or on purpose (who knows which) so nothing will ever be done anyway. If everyone (or a large majority) are guilty then no-one is guilty, in effect. And even if there were some great reckoning, you can’t un-jab people, so whats done is done. The consequences are baked in now, all we can do is watch them unfold, whatever they may be.

  16. Why on earth has she been “fighting for a home wheelchair ramp for five years”? Just contract an installer, hand over the money, job done. If they drag their heels, fire them and hire somebody else.

    When my grandmother wanted a stairlift she just phoned Stanna and booked the job. When my Mum’s husband wanted a mobility scooter he just phoned Motobility and ordered one. When my neighbour wanted a ramp to his kitchen door he just phoned a builder and booked them to install one.

  17. When my grandmother wanted a stairlift she just phoned Stanna and booked the job.

    Quite possibly the same reason most people here don’t have medical insurance. “It’s the government’s job!” Even though they know that the NHS is shit and they’ll probably die on the waiting list to get on the waiting list.

    nobody wants to hear it all I’m afraid. Its too frightening, so they will just pretend it doesn’t exist.

    I think this is true at the moment. I don’t think it will always be so. We’re seeing far more public opposition to the NHS now as more people wake up to the realities of the wonder of the world. I think realisation of what has happened to them and the people they care about will eventually turn from denial into anger. Probably too late to see the people responsible swing for it, unfortunately.

  18. Jim, Andrew Bridgen (via Sir Christopher Chope) has a debate on excess deaths scheduled in the HoC today at 2.30.
    After asking questions to a virtually empty chamber and requesting a debate 20 times it’ll be interesting to see how many of our caring MP’s bother to turn up.

  19. A quick check and I could get a six foot steel ramp with railings, structually attached to my kitchen door for 1000 quid. Just. Pay. The. ****ing. Money. Insurance? Any insurer would laugh you out of the office for something like that. It’s like replacing a pair of shoes on insurance, or refuelling the car on insurance.

    If she actually means that she’s destitute and poverty-stricken and has been waiting five years for an accessibility improvement grant, THEN FUCKING SAY SO. But that’s NOT what the story reports. She says it’s “her” house – so just put the expenses on the damn mortgage. If it’s not “her” house, then it’s her landlord’s responsibility, so it’s her landlord she should be harrassing, not the government. And ultimately, vote with your wallet, tell the landlord Fuck You and move elsewhere.

  20. Medics deciding who is circling the drain and just needs a little nudge is how it has worked for a very long time. Naturally the law will contain protections for those wanting vaginoplasty or a strapacoctomi.

  21. Jgh: if you read the story Jim quoted, it refers to a wheelchair lift, then a ramp.

    A ramp is easy. If she really does need a lift, that’s a whole nother thing.

    Given that she’s an ex-military Paralympian, I rather doubt that she’s a whiny gimme gimme type.

  22. Something seems to have gone wrong with Canada – euthanasia seems available on demand – ,and there was the whole thing about truckers -Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked federal emergency laws for the first time in over 50 years, a step his critics charged was excessive and unjustified. Of course the whole farrago of Jordan Petersen is still active with him facing mandatory re education -
    I thought Canada was the sensible country. It appears to have gone mad.

  23. moqifen – it gets better; after acting on the emergency powers they had assumed, the Dauphin’s fucking government couldn’t be arsed to actually pass the required motion in Parliament to confirm the emergency (required within 7 days of declaring the emergency), so the powers lapsed. By then, of course, banks had obediently frozen the truckers’ bank accounts, and insurance companies and transport ministries had threatened to cancel insurance or registration on their rigs – all done without power of law to compel them to do so.
    We have become a banana republic, except it’s too cold to grow bananas.

  24. Thanks Jim.

    They seem to have suspended the person who was offering the Dying option. Scapegoat or rogue operator?

  25. Jim

    I’ve recently had an unexplained cough; a chest x-ray showed fluid in both lungs. I had a CT scan earlier this week.

    GP asked whether I’d had any exposure to asbestos; I haven’t, at least not knowingly. He says my symptoms are “odd” and we await the results of the CT scan.

    After a couple of AZN covid vaccinations I stupidly had a Moderna jab. During the following week I had chest pains, followed by unexplained soreness in a testicle (left, if it matters), both of which I later learned have been associated with mRNA jabs.

    I haven’t so far seen any link made between the vaccines and mesothelioma however I have wondered about such a possibility and so your comment struck me rather forcibly. Do you have any more info on the person who you say has suddenly and apparently unaccountably developed mesothelioma?

  26. I’m waiting for someone to point out that the higher incidence of drug usage amongst certain groups means that this proposal is actually a form of racist genocide

  27. ” Do you have any more info on the person who you say has suddenly and apparently unaccountably developed mesothelioma?”

    Afraid not. It was a colleague of someone I do business with. Asked where he was and was told that he had been diagnosed with it recently and was on sick leave. Late middle aged guy, office worker type, never worked in construction or factories where he could have been in contact with asbestos. I didn’t make a vaccine connection at the time, but then reading Interested’s link about the SV40 DNA contamination of the vaccines, and its link to mesothelioma jumped out at me.

  28. @jIM

    @Interested: nobody wants to hear it all I’m afraid. Its too frightening, so they will just pretend it doesn’t exist.

    Yep, I’ve seen this first hand in my own friends and family, Jim.

    That said

    a) you have to keep telling people

    b) some of the people I’ve told have taken an interest, passing at first but then extremely close. I know twice-jabbed people who will never have another jab in their lives, certainly not mRNA based.

    c) if we don’t tell people then the cunts *definitely* get away with it.

    d) I think it’s becoming unignorable anyway.

    So I’m going to keep on keeping on.

    For instance, this:


    In January 2022, so not far off two years ago – at the same time as it was telling the poor saps being bribed and bullied into taking the shit that The Science was Clear, the jabs were totes Safe and Effective, man – the US FDA told Moderna and Pfizer to investigate ‘vaccine’-induced myocarditis in three groups of people: 6 mths to 11 yrs, 12 yrs to 17 yrs, and adults.

    The FDA was forced to do this by at least one study showing ‘vaccinated’ young people dropping suddenly like fruit flies from myocarditis.

    The FDA has since had the results of those studies back from Moderna (Pfizer has asked for more time, because this is hardly a pressing question).

    The FDA has refused to release these results to the public, despite FOIA applications.

    I think we can safely assume that the data doesn’t look good for the ‘vaccines’.

  29. @Interested

    Rw FDA Refusal

    We’vw got some of it

    Federal researchers find evidence Covid mRNA jabs cause seizures in young children
    Alex Berenson reports on a finding that was “quietly released” last Sunday by FDA researchers: young children had a significantly elevated risk of seizures and convulsions after receiving mRNA Covid jabs

    The safety signal appeared in a huge Food and Drug Administration (FDA) database; did the Centers for Disease Control know before recommending Covid jabs for kids

    – Of course they did, but it was already declared “Safe and Effective” and they refused to admit being wrong

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